Successful Weight Loss Depends on Your Mindset

Studies prove the way you think about weight loss and your health and fitness goals can drastically affect your ability to stick to a health program. Take the time to mentally prepare for the 12 Week Body Transformation by joining and completing Pre-Season, and you’ll set yourself up to reach your goals.

We live in an instantaneous world. So much of what we desire is available via the touch of a button, in the blink of an eye. And while that’s excellent when you’re trawling eBay for a killer party outfit, the same-day-delivery mentality on your health is a fast track to failure.

It all comes down to what University of Western Australia professor Susan Byrne describes as “dichotomous thinking”: the perception that life’s experiences can be separated into two categories – good or bad/black or white/success or failure/all or nothing – rather than placed along a spectrum, with all the shades of in-between.

The Danger of All or Nothing Thinking

Think about it: have you ever been wildly excited about a new goal until you realised that you might actually have to make some changes in your life? It’s much easier to throw in the towel on a massive project when you feel completely unprepared and overwhelmed.

People who set themselves health goals to be achieved in an unrealistic timeframe – to jog 8km every day for a month when they have never run in their lives, or to lose 50 kilos in 12 weeks – are much more likely to fall off the wagon after facing the smallest of obstacles. Convinced they are incapable of meeting their own lofty expectations, they abandon ship.

Professor Byrne suggests that people who look at their weight loss on a continuum, setting smaller-ticket wins along the way to the big–ticket jackpot, are generally happier with their progress. They’re less likely to see falling short of a mini milestone as a total failure overall. They’re also more likely to keep the weight off, because they understand that successful weight loss is a lifestyle commitment, and commitments take time to fulfil.

Going the Distance with 12WBT Pre-Season

Ultimately, your weight loss journey is a marathon and not a sprint. In the same way that you wouldn’t exercise your body without warming up first, you shouldn’t jump head first into a complete and sustained lifestyle change without clueing your brain in to what’s required.

12WBT Pre-Season starts five or six weeks before a new Round of the 12 Week Body Transformation. Over that time, you complete two or three tasks a week. The focus is on getting your head in to the right place so you can reach your goals. Give yourself the best chance to get the best results, with a slow-and-steady attitude and positive, realistic expectations.

There’s a huge link between the members that complete the Pre-Season tasks and those that have a lot of success within the 12WBT program. We went to Twitter to see what 12WBT members past and present had to say about this part of the 12WBT. The response was overwhelmingly positive!

Thinking of taking the next step? Pre-season is now open. Join the team today!


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  1. Is it worth starting this Pre-Season as I’m limited with doing any exercise. I have a torn Meniscus and surgery isn’t until the 18th of May . Should I just wait for the next round in June . I know this works as I’ve dune this before and lost 15 kg . The weight is slowly creeping back and feeling a little overwhelmed on the lack of movement I have at the moment.

    1. Hi Theodora – Please don’t feel overwhelmed. Life does often get in the way of our plans, but we can usually always work with rather against it to still make things happen. As long as you have the all clear, from your health specialist, to participate in the 12WBT program you can join now and start getting your head (and environment) around the upcoming June Round. You still have 5 weeks left of Pre-Season. This is plenty of time to get those tasks completed. You may even like to cook up a whole batch of our Freezable meals ready to heat and eat post surgery when you may be struggling to get out and about.

      When the Round kicks off on June 13th, you will still be able to follow the Meal Plans and Mindset lessons, which will help you heal quickly and stay on top of any further weight gain. Many members continue on with the exercises they have been given for rehab until they get the all clear to participate in the Exercise component of the 12WBT. Our Support Crew can then guide you on which exercise are best. During the round we recommend that you print or save your Plans each week so you will have them to keep as a resource for when you are ready to get back into the fitness program. We hope to see you on board soon Theodora!

      12WBT Support Crew

  2. Is it too late to sign up for the pre-season or would you recommend waiting till the next one rather then only getting 2 weeks?

    1. Hi Elizabeth – You’re not too late! It’s definitely better to jump in now and strike while the iron is hot! It will take some organisation on your part, (actually, one of your Pre-Season Tasks is all about being organised anyway 😉 ), so if you can set aside a few spare hours over the next week or so to get these done, it’ll be no problem at all! Once you join us you’ll get an email from Mish letting you know which Tasks to do and when, so that you’ll be ready to hit week 1 with the rest of your teammates when D-day arrives! Looking forward to having you on the team 🙂

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  3. if I sign up to the pre-season when do the payments for the program start?

    1. Hi Rita,

      If you opt to pay by weekly instalments, your first payment will be deducted as soon as you first sign up. The remaining weekly instalments will be deducted on the same business day each week until you have made 12 payments.

      It is important to note that each weekly payment does not unlock another week of the program for you; it is simply an affordable way to pay for the program over the Round. You can read more about the terms of your membership and payments here:


      12WBT Support Crew

  4. Thanks Madeline, I needed to hear that, too many times in the past I have given up because I haven’t lost enough weight fast enough and decided it was a waste of time, but I know it has to be done gradually for it to stay off!

  5. Thanks Madeline for that. I have about 25 kgs to lose and know it will not be done in 12 weeks flat. I just know I will require 2 and maybe 3 rounds of 12wbt. My goal is to become trim and very fit and that will take time. I am going to really enjoy the lessons learned here and love how it has been said the destination IS the journey! Thanks again

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I would say good luck, but we don’t really believe in that at 12WBT. It isn’t up to fate, it is all about being empowered and taking control. You don’t need luck, you just need to be consistent, follow the program and you will see results! 🙂

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