Tracy’s 12WBT Weight Loss Story


With two Rounds under her belt and 21 kilos lost, it’s safe to say Victorian Mum Tracy is a changed woman. She’s gone from being an observer to a participant in her own life, and couldn’t be happier – or more gorgeous!

The First Steps

It’s hard to believe that not long ago Tracy was spending a lot of her down time sitting on the couch. In fact, a lot of her life was just that – down time. She now trains six days a week at the gym and loves being active with her daughters.

Tracy’s story is a common one, particularly for parents across the country. After spending years caring for others, she finally decided that the best way she could look after her family was to look after herself first.


Tracy started 12WBT in Round 4, 2012. In her first 12WBT Round she lost a huge 12.5 kilos – even though the Program fell over Christmas and New Years Eve. “I lost 12.5 kilos just working out in a local park with my daughter and niece. You definitely don’t need a gym membership to start. I couldn’t even walk a slight incline when I started. Now I run up ramps!”

After her success during her first Round, Tracy was ready to up the ante and move into the Lean & Strong (Advanced) Program. This changed Tracy’s outlook again. “I started on the Beginners Program, and opted to work out outdoors in the local park with my family.  I then joined a gym as I moved onto Lean & Strong (Advanced). It’s a whole new adventure as I experience new things at the gym – different classes and machines. The program has given me a whole new program that is totally different to what I did at Beginners.”

The 12WBT Effect


The 12WBT effect has had a knock-on effect through to Tracy’s extended family, and has in turn made them grow a lot closer. They now eat together, train together and the healthy lifestyle has influenced her nieces and nephews.

So what was the immediate change she saw in her family? Their diet – in particular their portion sizes, which were, in Tracy’s own words “totally out of whack”. The change in diet has not only brought weight loss, but many health benefits for the entire family. “We feel better, have boundless energy and it’s now a rare occasion that I sleep in past 5am each day! It’s a far cry from the girl who used to sit on the couch and just watch life happen.”

A New Lease on Life


One of the best things about 12WBT, says Tracy, is the food – her favourite recipe being the Butter Chicken.  In her second Round she also began integrating some of the recipes out of the Michelle Bridges’ Crunch Time and Last Five Kilos recipe books.  Says Tracy, “I love the fact that the exercises and the meal plans changed, even though I was going into the second 12 week Program. That was fabulous!”

Tracy’s become a 12WBT crusader in her area, as people in her community see her amazing results. “You’re never hungry. You’re always full of energy. The food is fabulous, varied and easy. Nothing takes me much time at all to prepare.”  Between shuttling her kids to basketball, hitting the gym and living with a busy husband, 12WBT has made Tracy’s life easier. “I can have thing pre-prepared and they can just take it from there. I love it!”

Tracy’s Words of Wisdom


After experiencing phenomenal results, Tracy’s determined to spread the 12WBT word. “I tell everyone do it. Don’t think about it, just do it! The effects are immediate. You start to feel better, healthier, stronger, fitter. If it can do what it’s done for me, in the short time I’ve been on it, then it’s worth it. Don’t waste 20 years like I did.”

What words of encouragement can Tracy share? “I’d encourage anyone who’s thinking about it to give it a go. If I can do it, anyone can do it. If I can save someone else wasting 20 years of living I will be a happy girl!”

Tracy’s Stats:

Round 4 Start Weight: 88

End of Round 4 Weight: 75.5

Lost = 12.5

Round 1 Start weight: 76

End of Round: 67

Total Lost = 21 kg

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