Easy Changes That Will Transform Your Health And Fitness

Start the new year right by following our easy changes that will transform your health and fitness!

Stop with the sugar!

If you’re looking to improve your diet, here’s a simple tip. Stop drinking sugary drinks! Soft drinks, cordials and sports drinks contain high amounts of sugar, which means you should only consume them occasionally. Better yet, make water your number one drink! 

This also includes fruit juices. Try to eat your fruit, don’t drink it. What you may not know is that juices can often contain at least four pieces of fruit, and often more, which means a LOT of sugar in one hit – and the juicing process strips the fruit of valuable fibre. Instead have 1 piece of fruit and a glass of water. 

Think about the next time you use sugar for a hot beverage. Do you really need that extra sugar in your coffee? Or is another full cream tea really what you need? Want to know my tip? Try swapping your afternoon coffee for a herbal tea. Refreshing and with much fewer calories!

Get Walking Everywhere! 

Why not take the stairs when you arrive at work instead of the elevator – or even get off the bus one stop early? It really is the small, simple changes that make ALL the difference when it comes to your health and fitness. 

We all love to catch up with our friends, and grabbing a coffee (and maybe even a muffin) is just so easy. But if you’re looking to make a healthy change, why not suggest a walk in a park in place of a coffee catch up? This way you can lose calories and enjoy the company of a friend at the same time. 

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Treat your workouts or gym time as if they’re a friend! 

Gym is an appointment buddy – don’t cancel! Would you continually cancel an appointment you made with your friend, cos well you couldn’t be bothered? Treat your gym appointments the same, put it in the diary and commit. 

Also, don’t reward yourself for going to the gym with treats! Be smart about your post exercise refuel! Have a piece of fruit after your cardio, or a yoghurt after your strength training… Not a chocolate bar!

Listen to your belly and close the kitchen at 8:30pm! 

Start listening to hunger cues, rather than watching the clock for snacks. Are you a little too familiar with the 10am muffin break, or the 3pm tea and bickies? Do you ever ask yourself, “Am I actually hungry” – or are you bored? Next time ‘snack time’ arrives, listen to your hunger cues and turn to a glass of water or a herbal tea as your first port of call.

If you’re a serial late-night snacker, it’s time to put a stop to it once and for all! I want you to make a mental note to shut up shop at 8:30pm. That’s it – no more food after that! It will make a healthy breakfast in the morning worth the wait!

Keep a list! 

If you’re tempted to open a bag of chips or have a bite of a festive leftover, a to-do list stuck on the fridge is a really good idea. Think of this list as a distraction. Put everything on it, from paying bills, feeding the dog, drinking water, going for a walk and so on. Every time you step towards the fridge, take a little read of the list and tick something off. 

There are also so many other benefits to having a to do list. You’ll notice a sense of accomplishment as you tick everything off, one by one. Also, it’s an easy way to get in some more exercise. If you’re bored and making your way to the fridge, just take one second to stop and think about what you could do instead. Have a couple of fun easy workouts on the list like one minute of hula hooping in the garden, five minutes of dancing to your favourite classic or a quick game of catch with the dog. These are all fun ways to stop yourself from lingering around the fridge and closer to burning more calories!

So there you have it! Our top 5 easy changes that will transform your health and fitness! Which ones will you be tackling before the new year?

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