Survival Guide: How to Enjoy Christmas and New Years Guilt-Free

When you think of health and fitness, it’s important to think of it as a lifelong journey. It’s not just for twelve weeks, not just for when it suits us and certainly not just for the month of January! If there is any time of the year when it’s super important to keep your health and fitness in mind, it’s the festive period! Given that for lots of people it’s inevitable that a heap of extra calories may find their way into our bellies, keeping your exercise routine as regular as possible will help to fight off some of those excess calories. Working out also provides the opportunity to maintain some ‘you’ time when things are often a little busy and crazier than normal.

The best thing to do during the Xmas/ New Year period is to focus on doing as much as you can without feeling like you need to be ‘perfect’. Every little choice you make can and will make a difference. It’s important to remain positive and not to beat yourself up about any slip ups. Just keep moving forward, being conscious of all decisions you’re making.

Christmas Survival Tips

Plan, plan, plan!

Plan when you are going to exercise. Plan your meals. Plan your snacks. Identify your ‘Red Flag’ situations and develop a plan of action.

Tip: If you are off on holidays, get all the boring but important stuff like accommodation, mode of travel, insurance, currency, medications, and documentation out of the way first – Chooky from Support Crew

Aim to workout in the morning.

This way you can get it over and done with and focus on other fun things you might have planned.

Plan for healthy festive meals!

There’s no need to go nuts with your meals over this time. It’s not called the ‘silly season’ for nothing! But it doesn’t have to be. Think about using some super healthy recipes to share with friends and family instead.

Avoid going back for seconds.

Fill your plate once and listen to your body. Once you’re full, you’re full. You don’t need to sneak in or shovel those ‘special’ foods – in reality most of those foods are available all year round. Fight the FOMO (fear of missing out)!

Tip: Try and half fill your plate with salad or vegetables, keep your protein to palm sized and your carbs to no more than ¼ of the plate – Lisa from Support Crew

If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up!

Pick yourself up, learn from the situation and keep moving forward. Remember, two steps forward and one step backwards still will see you moving forward – just at a different pace.

Remind yourself that every positive choice adds up!

Each time you make a positive choice, remind yourself of the different choice you perhaps would have made in the past and be proud of your new mindset and decisions.

Tip: Don’t stress! Being prepared early on can safeguard your mind, body and soul down the track – Chooky from Support Crew

Think about your alcohol use.

Set yourself a limit and stick to it. Moderation is key here! Alternate your alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. Try some sparking mineral water with some fresh lime for a refreshing twist.

Have fun!

You can still have loads of fun while sticking to your positive food and exercise choices and you’ll feel so much better for these decisions. A healthy attitude is key!

For those who celebrate this time, as Mish would say “Christmas is a day, NOT a week, so don’t undo all your hard work! Eat mindfully and stay as active as possible.”

We know you CAN all do this! We’ll be doing it with you.


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