How To Lose 13 kilos And Overcome Serious Injury: Hayley Tells All!

Hayley struggled more than some during her round of 12WBT. She had broken one of her legs mere months before starting and was facing weeks in a wheelchair and many more on crutches. But Hayley still managed to complete 12WBT, and lose a whopping 13 kilos. How did she do it, and against all the odds? We chatted to Hayley to find out!

Tell us about your injury.

I had a serious accident where I broke my tibia and fibula in my right leg and fractured my left ankle as well (I attached my x-ray haha!) – that was on 23rd March. So it was roughly 2 and a half months later as I was getting out of the wheelchair that I decided I wanted to do the 12WBT program.

13 kilos

How did you manage to lose all those kilos whilst injured?

I knew exercise was going to be nearly impossible, as I hadn’t been cleared by my physio. So I knew I had to stick to the meal plan RELIGIOUSLY.  Which I did! I wasn’t mobile for much of the program, so I chose to cook meals which easily froze. I would sit at my kitchen bench every Sunday and meal prep, to make sure I had everything for the week at hand. I did not stray from the Meal Plans at all! In the last few weeks of the program, I was allowed to be a bit more mobile. I found swimming to be an amazing, low-impact exercise that helped me with the weight loss AND recovery.

How would you describe yourself before you started the 12WBT program?

I was too busy and too caught up in grief to care. I had previously had success with this program in 2014, and I had maintained my healthy weight until my mum passed. Grief saw me return to unhealthy food & unhealthy ways and it took all my energy to keep going for my kids. I didn’t care about myself. I truly think breaking my legs was the best thing for my health, my lifestyle and my family.

What are some achievements you are proud of?

I’m extremely proud of the weight loss, all whilst recovering, looking after 3 kids and working full time. I managed to put my health as my top priority during this time, despite any pain or obstacles that I faced. This program has motivated me to make these changes for me and to put myself first. 

What are some new lifestyle changes you are proud of?

My husband has been on this journey with me and has lost 8kg himself. Every weekend, we meal prepped, did a big cook up, portioned for dinners and lunches and froze them. This way we weren’t tempted to skip a meal or reach for something unhealthy (like ordering takeaway). We have more money, we’re feeling healthier and lighter and this experience has brought us closer than ever. I’ve also noticed that I’m becoming more and more interested in fitness and nutrition, and want to look for a way where I can apply my skills as a mathematician/statistician in the industry, to help others discover their own healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Any final words?

I want this to give hope to those who are injured and looking to lose weight. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, it just requires some extra thinking and adjusting. Nothing is impossible!

13 kilos

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