Here’s Why Those New Years Resolutions Aren’t Working


Reviewed by: Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet

How are those New Years resolutions shaping up?

We’re guessing that for a lot of you, it’s a struggle to keep motivated on a daily basis. Work, family, having the kids back at school – it’s not easy sticking to those guns with so many distractions and temptations.

However it could be you who’s sabotaging your own success, without even realising it. 12WBT offers weekly life- changing mindset lessons, check them out here. 

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Do any of these sound familiar?

1. I ate too much and now I’ve blown my diet!

What this says: You’re stuck in an ‘all or nothing’ way of thinking, which means one misstep and you throw in the towel completely. This is a classic form of self-sabotage when it comes to resolutions.

The pattern that follows: This can result in a downward spiral of eating far more than your body needs, and feeling terribly guilty about it. It can also lead to days of unhealthy eating patterns. However, the biggest damage is to your mindset.

How to combat it: Once you’ve recognised that you’re over-indulging, stop. Have a glass of water or a herbal tea. Wait a few hours and then go for a nice long walk, or do 20 minutes of gentle jogging. The endorphins this releases will improve your mood. Then, the next morning have a healthy breakfast. It’s a new day.

Remember: One or two blowouts don’t count! And it’s certainly no reason to give up.

2. I’m too tired and stressed to work out!

What this says: You’re getting stuck in a vicious cycle of tiredness, stress and inactivity – which makes the stress and tiredness worse. To break it, you need to do some form of physical activity, even it if feels counter-intuitive.

The pattern that follows: You feel increasingly stressed and exhausted. Your mood at work dips, and your ability to handle even minor crisis deteriorates. You probably end up thinking, “I’ll never get fit now!”

How to combat it: It’s really simple – get out and do some exercise! Especially when you’re feeling stressed. Start with just 15 minutes of something high-intensity. There’s a lot you can do now in a short amount of time!

Remember: It’s like a snowball effect – the more you exercise when you feel stressed and tired, the less stressed and tired you’ll eventually become.

3. I don’t have time to ‘prep’ my meals! I’ll just have takeaway…again

What this says: Prepping is a skill that takes time to master, so if you’re not used to it, it can seem daunting. You’re probably not aware of how easy it can be.

The pattern that follows: You start to rely too heavily on takeaway breakfasts, lunches or dinners. The weight starts to creep back on and you feel increasingly despondent.

How to combat it: Start small! Set aside a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. Work out what you want to eat for lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Cook up a batch of risotto or pasta, or chop lots of fresh veggies, and portion it out into airtight plastic containers. Resolutions – done!

Remember: Prepping meals in advance is a VERY effective way to manage your calories. Don’t be daunted – start small and work up from there.

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