4 Reasons to Train in the Morning


Here at 12WBT we believe that exercise is not a momentous event that needs to be dissected and analysed (yes, really!). It is just something you do like brushing your teeth.

However if you need some proof why early morning training is a fantastic idea, check out our top four reasons to train in the morning:

  1. To get happy: Exercise helps release serotonin in your brain, making you feel happier. Train in the morning and start the day with a massive mood boost.
  2. To maintain consistency: If you work erratic hours, it’s usually easier to schedule in training in the morning – it’s one meeting that you won’t miss as it’s first up. We all have a lot to do in our day, but exercise should be a priority, make it the first cab off the rank not the last.
  3. To avoid the heat: In the warmer months, training in the morning helps keep you out of the worst of the day’s heat.
  4. To see wicked sunrises: You see some truly amazing displays of nature early in the morning. To prove it, we asked 12WBT members from around Australia to show us what the world looks like when they get up and get their heart pumping when others are tucked up in bed.

Here are some early-morning workout snaps from some 12WBT-ers!







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