Why Wellness Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

Wellness is something we all seek. And so we should: It’s an idealistic state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing that ultimately defines one’s health and happiness.

What is interesting though, is that it’s become somewhat of a status symbol – something to show off through organic labels, green smoothies and $200 gym tights.

When the concept of being ‘well’ and happy becomes expensive and competitive, it makes looking after yourself seem a consumer’s nightmare. But don’t be disillusioned by the dollar signs that are roadblocking your chance at wellness. There are many ways to afford wellness no matter who you are.

You may have attempted to get on board the ‘wellness train’: $300 spent at a health food store, $120 spent on a consultation with a dietitian, and $75 on one personal training session! They DO know their stuff but not everyone can afford that! So, don’t stress: There are other ways.


Let’s look at food – it’s really the big factor in wellness and the big money drainer. You don’t need to spend $8 on an organic spelt loaf of bread: life programs, such as Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation, offer a plethora of low-calorie, low-cost recipes that cost a fraction of other alternatives. Think of delicious, family-friendly Prawn Pad Thai from 12WBT at only $5.45 and only 300 calories per serve. By getting great tips from wellness programs, being a savvy shopper and minimising food wastage, wellness can be yours without breaking the budget.

Don’t be afraid to buy frozen foods (they are often fresher, cheaper and last much longer), and buy in bulk where possible. Avoid expensive snacks and one-off packaged meals. Turn leftovers into creative lunch box meals or work lunches. And why not grow your own fruit, vegies or herbs? You can even make your Breakfast Berry Smoothie with low fat milk, frozen berries and untoasted natural muesli . Fun, fresh and fabulous (and cheap).

It’s still hard to ignore the reality that investing in your health is important – and literally an investment! So how to avoid all those dollars associated with exercise trainers, gyms and fashionable attire?

There’s nothing quite like a morning stroll, or a boxing session in the park with a friend. And the cost? Nothing. Avoid the clothing-competition in gyms and classes by working out in your own private place with someone you trust. For those that just love to pump some iron, consider transforming your home into your own cheap, cheerful and effective gym.

Exercising with Household Items 1200x900 Bottle Dumbells-2

Department stores like Big W have dumbbells, rollers, mats, kettlebells and bands for surprisingly affordable prices. And a few essential items can make your home the ideal workout space. Really looking to save pennies? Use books, backpacks, chairs, drink bottles, stairs (the list goes on!) as makeshift gym equipment. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

Or simply grab a workout video or download a podcast, and once again you have all the motivation of a trainer without the headache of money or self-consciousness.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t drinking $30 green smoothies everyday, and doing $45/hr Xtend Barre classes, or following the celebrity workouts of Kim Kardashian, Hugh Jackman or Heidi Klum – wellness can be yours. And there’s no need to worry, people will see the glow of happiness in your face that comes from looking after yourself your way.

Our 12 Week Body Transformation helps you live a healthy life without spending a fortune, with weekly Meal and Exercise Plans, Shopping lists and more.  

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  1. I find this very helpful and its nice to be reminded that its not all about the money you can do it at home with not much outlay just need the motivation

    Thank You

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