Work that Booty! How to Get a Butt Like Beyonce

Have a crack at saying this word. Call-i-pyg-ous.

Now, I’m guessing most of you are thinking, “Dude, that’s all Greek to me”, but trust me, you all know what it means. Every woman aspires to have IT and many a man dreams about IT.

I’ll give you a hint, the goddess Aphrodite was said to posses this. No, it’s not a huge clamshell to ride around in, but perfectly proportioned buttocks. Aphrodite was bootylicius before Beyoncé was wondering if you were ready for this jelly!

Now, unfortunately, most women aren’t born deities and many have inherited what their mumma gave them. Does that mean we mere mortals can’t have a beautiful behind? Hells to the no! While genetics plays a role in body shape, it doesn’t mean hard work, eating well and knowing the right exercises can’t make dramatic changes to our rumps. It’s all about knowledge.

How to get bootylicious

A few years ago, I lost 25kgs – a life-changing amount of weight. For the first time ever I felt confident in a snug pair of jeans. ‘Check me out’ my inner voice repeated as I strutted my tail around like a peacock.

However, this hubris did not last all that long. My straight-shooting brother (and personal trainer) stated in no uncertain terms, “You need a butt transplant”. I was taken aback. I’d lost weight, ran, lifted weights, changed my eating habits… what had I neglected? My marble-chiseled brother shot back: “Sumo squats, walking lunges, hip raises, clams.” He proceeded to show me these exercises, and soon enough I had worked them into my training regime.

Did it hurt?

I’m not going to lie; the burn was crazy as I’d never activated my gluteus (very) maximus before. But, it was a good burn (you all know what I mean). The exercises took a bit of practice, but soon enough, I could squat deeper, lunge longer and lift higher.

And now I’ve got a derrière that even Aphrodite is envious of!

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