How To Deal With The Festive Build Up

Festive build up is a real thing! Is anyone else starting to experience it? Have you noticed your calendar filling up with social events, work dos, Christmas parties, kids prize givings and BBQs? If this is YOU, then you are not alone!

Here at 12WBT, we never expect you to follow the program to the absolute letter ALL of the time. We want you to create structure and routine, prioritise movement and nourishing meals BUT we also want you to enjoy and love your life while making memories too.

It’s easy to fall into that all or nothing mentality or have a perfectionist approach so we will always encourage you to do the best that you can and to provide you with all the tools to get the balance right.

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Here are a few tips that might help with festive build up.

  • On Sunday night, plan an overview of your week and highlight any social events.
  • Plan healthy meals and great workouts leading up to the festive event(s).
  • To stop festive build up, plan how you approach the event. Is it a meal at a café/restaurant or drinks and nibbles? Can you check out the menu online the day before? Can you have a light meal before you go and have a plan around how many drinks you’ll consume? If it’s an evening event, can you offer to be a sober driver?
  • If this is your planned treat meal, keep on track through the week and of the day of the event and prioritise your training.
  • Post-event- If this didn’t go as planned- don’t fall into the trap of feeling guilt. If you overindulged and had fun- that’s ok and we’ve all been there! It’s one meal and in the grand scheme of all the other healthy meals you’ve enjoyed through the week and the training you’ve done, this won’t undo or impact on all your efforts to date.

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Always know that 12WBT is not a diet or a short term fix or fad. Living healthily is never about deprivation or giving up all the things you love. It’s about creating ways of nourishing and moving your body so that you can enjoy wonderful health that flows over into every other aspect of your life.

If you lose momentum or go off plan because of the festive build up, no stress! Dust yourself off, push the reset button and simply look to the next meal where you can make a better choice, go for a walk (always does wonders for your mental health) or connect with us in the Member Zone if you need help, support or inspiration.

We know what you are capable of achieving and we are cheering for you every step of the way!

To join 12WBT now, or to learn more about our fitness and nutrition programs, visit us here!


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