How To Manage Expectation Once You Hit Your Weight Loss Goal

Entering the next phase of your health and fitness journey after reaching your weight loss target can be a combination of emotion and expectation. While initially it can feel like the time to high kick with excitement for a job well done, this can quickly shift to a moment of panic when the “what now?” ensues. 

By not mapping out your post weight loss intentions you are setting the scene for old ways of thinking to creep back in and sabotage much of the hard work that delivered your goals.

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 So, here are some pointers on planning your expectations to assist with weight loss success!

Set Realistic Goals

Aim to set new goals that incorporate achievable activities and the option to tweak things to work into your schedule without fuss. A successful maintenance program is one that you can adhere to with consistency.

Address Issues

 Not working through the mindset that encouraged the weight gain prior to embarking on your journey can return once you reach your goal. Now more than ever is a great time to investigate potential triggers that may result in a rebound and focus on creating some new patterns that align with the new you.


If weight management has been problematic for you up to this point, being accountable for the reasons that created this and designing your new lifestyle moving forwards can yield positive change, with long term success.

Overall Health

Being at a healthy weight should have also delivered plenty of non scale victories. Using these as markers when monitoring your progress can help to move away from obsessing over numbers on the scales and develop a strong relationship with ‘your body composition’ vs an arbitrary number attached to an old version of you.

Happy Place

Find your sweet spot where YOU feel good! This can be a certain size, using clothing as a guide or a weight range to stick within. Being fixed on an exact number on the scales is not going to be accurate OR relevant as your body composition develops over time. 

Energy & Mood

 Having reached your ideal weight, you should be feeling pretty good overall and noticing the many other aspects with improved wellbeing. Taking stock of how you’re performing, sleeping, recovering between workouts and appetite levels etc can provide great information to use when setting new goals.


Maintaining your weight needs the correct approach, so lock in something conducive to balance and avoid the yo-yo effect with ‘quick fix’ fads.

Program Selection

Choosing the right program that compliments your goal/s is imperative for the best results and reward. If your new focus is to build a lot of muscle, it makes sense to lift weights and not run a marathon. Poor program selection can lead to disappointment and dips in effort.

No Fuss Nutrition

Keep it simple, be aware of your daily calories and don’t deprive yourself!


Don’t let complacency set in and demand self improvements to both your physical and mental health.


Now that your weight is on point, why not set some different goals that entail how you perform with a new skill/s. Having a new area of focus can be a pivotal point when outlining a sustainable approach to maintaining your weight.

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Louise McDonald, Cert III & Cert IV Fitness
Louise has been a Trainer and Wellness Coach for almost 20 years and is one of our experienced Support Crew members in Fitness, as our Lean and Strong Captain! Louise has worked passionately with all levels of fitness over the years across both Australia and the UK, where she has specialised in competition training with athletes for the last decade. She has worked closely with top level competitors and even our own 12WBT peeps to bring home a National Trophy! She lives, breathes, eats and sleeps weight training and is super passionate about teaching others how to reach their full potential.

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