Jarred Is The New Canned! 10 Ways With Little Tuna!

“Jarred is the new canned” And Cairns-based Little Tuna have the title in the jar!

Little Tuna catch their tuna locally from waters internationally renowned as some of the most prolific fishing grounds in the world! They are 100% Australian sourced, caught and owned, and are produced with the finest oils, making it a delicious option full of flavour for the perfect companion to salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta dishes or just enjoy straight from the jar.

12WBT Free Sample 

Here are 10 delicious ways to use Little Tuna in your weekly meal plan! 

–   Toast Topper: Carefully drain the oil from the jar of Little Tuna. In a large bowl combine tuna, onion, celery and basil. Stir through the reserved oil, lemon juice and mustard to carefully coat all ingredients. Gently fold through the chopped eggs and top each slice of toast with ¼ each of the remaining ingredients.

 –   Fish Pie: Put potatoes into a large saucepan, cover with water and bring to the boil. In a separate large pan, gently sauté the onion and carrot in a little olive oil for 5 minutes or until soft. Mix in the mustard, garlic, milk and cream cheese. Drain the potatoes and mash well. Add in milk, cream cheese and then
when cooled slightly fold through the egg yolks. Evenly place small chunks of the Little Tuna and the raw prawns on the bottom of the dish and carefully pour the creamy vegetable sauce over the tuna and prawn mix. Spoon the potato topping to form a layer on top of the fish and sauce mix. Carefully fork the mixture to spread it out. Sprinkle with cheddar and parmesan. Place dish on the middle shelf of the oven for 30 minutes, or until topping is golden brown.

 –    Tuna Melt: Bread, tuna, mustard and cheese – yes please! Spread butter on one side of each slice of bread. On the other side, lightly spread Dijon mustard. With buttered side down, add chopped red onion, tuna, and a slice or two of cheddar cheese. Pop on the other slice of bread and add to a sandwich press or jaffle maker for 2-3 minutes.

 –   Tuna Salad: Tuna, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, a crisp iceberg lettuce, cannellini beans or chickpeas and feta. Dress with some lemon juice, olive oil and perhaps a minced clove of garlic. Served with some crusty bread… perfection!

–   Tuna Tupperware Lunch: Add cooked basmati rice to a container and top with pre-cooked vegies (e.g. peas, pumpkin, corn, broccoli, carrot) and a big scoop of Little Tuna. Heat it all up in a microwave and top with avocado and/or sweet chilli sauce. The combination of rice, tuna and vegetables will give you that slow burning energy, to keep you going through the second half of the day!

 –   Tuna Pasta: A quick and easy mid-week dinner. Fry some red onion and garlic in a pan over medium heat. Stir for 2 minutes before adding chopped carrot and zucchini, and cooking for 5 minutes. Add Little Tuna, Tuna in Springwater’ to the pan along with a jar of your favourite pasta sauce and cooked pasta of your choosing. Stir through some pitted kalamata olives and serve with cracked pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

–   Sweet Potato Boats with Tuna: Cut medium sized sweet potatoes in half, lengthways and roast in the oven for 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and scoop out some of the sweet potato flesh. Mix the flesh with tuna chunks. Place back into sweet potato ‘boat’ and top with black beans, sliced red onion, baby spinach and grated cheese. Return to oven for a few extra minutes then remove and top with jalapeños or sriracha sauce if you like a bit of heat.   

–   Tuna with Mayo on Cucumber Discs: Mix tuna with mayonnaise. Place onto cucumber discs and get snacking! Tuna is a great source of protein, making this a great post-workout snack.

–   Tuna with Hummus & Avocado on Corn Thins: Spread avocado and hummus (or cottage cheese) onto corn thins. Top with tuna and a squeeze of lemon juice and cracked pepper. The omega 3 fatty acids in tuna (and avocado) are great for our heart health.

–   Straight out of the jar! Little Tuna has a variety of flavours to choose from – spring water, olive oil, chilli and lemon myrtle – and they are all scrumptious. For a high protein, low fuss snack, it’s a winner!

Little Tuna


For more information on Little Tuna, check out their website and for more 12WBT recipes why not join our next Round
Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet
Erica is a dietitian and trainer on the 12WBT Support Crew. She has completed a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and loves helping people to enjoy, and have fun with, delicious food. With 10 years of experience as a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor, Erica thrives on coaching people to move their bodies, sweat and get excited about reaching for big (and little) goals!

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