How to Give Your Friday Night a Healthy Makeover

Friday night – time to kick back and reward yourself for another work week down…right?! Maybe a few beers at the pub, followed by some greasy pizza or fish and chips. Sound familiar? We’re here to tell you that you can still have a rocking and relaxing Friday night without the calorie blowout, and wake up on Saturday feeling awesome.

It’s actually the perfect time to set yourself up to a healthy and active weekend, full of energy and kicking goals! Here’s how:

Get Active!

Why not schedule a Friday evening exercise class – either solo, or with a friend. After a busy week, a yoga class or even fun dance session could be just what you need to shake off the work week, and head into the weekend feeling cool, calm and collected.

Fit Family Time

For many of us, Friday means time with our family, whether that be partner, kids, or pets. So make it a time where, instead of just zonking on the couch, you head to the park for a picnic and play, or a long walk around the neighbourhood. Maybe each week a different family member could pick the activity, to keep things varied, and everyone involved!

Tempted by Takeaway?

Does Friday night = takeaway night at your place? At 12WBT we reckon it’s so much better – and healthier – to DIY than buy! There are loads of reasons why making your own meals is better, both for your health, and for your tastebuds (we’ve all made that call to the takeaway place to wait an hour for below-par food to be delivered).

Craving Some Greasy Nachos? The 12WBT Not So Naughty Nachos have reached legend status amongst our members. They’re totally tasty and still packed with all the good stuff we need to reach our goals. This Friday, try this recipe – and we’ve got a vegetarian version too!

Got a Hankering for Indian? Our Red Curry with Pumpkin and Green Beans is packed with taste and nutrition – and you can freeze it, so no excuses. Make a batch on the weekend so all you have to do is pull it out of the freezer and it’s ready! Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll love this dish.

What About Some Yummy Thai? Thai food is delicious – those creamy curries, rich sauces and mounds of rice. But most of it is also big on calories, too. Our 12WBT Chicken & Broccolini Laksa is big on flavour, but light on calories, so give it a go this Friday night! Or give our 12WBT Penang Chicken a whirl.

Gotta Have Takeaway? Follow These Steps

We get it – sometimes you’ve just gotta have some takeaway, or you’re in a situation that calls for it. So follow these seven tips from our experts to make the best choices!

Heading Out for Dinner?

Just because you’re dining out doesn’t mean you’ve got to go crazy – check out our tips for eating out. We’re covering all cuisines, too – from Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese to Thai, Indian and pub food. Proof you can eat out on occasion and still lose weight and stay on track!


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