7 Meals That Teenagers Can Make – and Eat!

Getting teenagers to make healthy food choices doesn’t have to be a pointless endeavour. The trick is to get them to make their own food, so there’s a sense of accomplishment and ownership (yes, really!).

Here are five food ideas that are perfect for 13 to 17-year-olds:

1. Muffins

They can be sweet or savoury and work at any time of the day. They are so easy to make as well – chuck everything in a bowl, into a muffin tin, into the oven and then into mouths.

2. Burgers

Choose lean meats and load up on the salads. Super simple to throw together and always delicious!

3. Pizza

These are fun to make no matter how old or young you are. Pizzas are great to do as a family too as everyone can get involved and personalise their pizza! Plus, homemade on wholemeal pita bread is much healthier and cheaper than your local takeaway.

4. Baked dishes

A surefire way to get some veggies in at night. Chop veggies into chips, cubes or big chunks and into the oven they go with a little olive oil. You could throw in some seasoned meat or tofu to make a true “one tray” dinner.

5. Rice Paper Rolls

These are super yum and can get super messy… and that’s the best bit!

6. Smoothies

These are perfect as the weather warms up and are great for breakfast or a quick, nutritious snack.

7. Fruit Skewers

Super easy, nutritious and a fun way to serve up fruit salad. A little drizzle of chocolate adds an indulgent touch.

Erica Grandjean, APD, BNutr&Diet
Erica is a dietitian and trainer on the 12WBT Support Crew. She has completed a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics and loves helping people to enjoy, and have fun with, delicious food. With 10 years of experience as a Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor, Erica thrives on coaching people to move their bodies, sweat and get excited about reaching for big (and little) goals!

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