12WBT on TV!

12WBT TV commercial

This week we released our first ever 12WBT television commercial into the wild! Weighing in at just a fraction under 30 seconds each, these five television commercials feature the very awesome 12WBTers Leanne H, Leanne F, Annie, Kate and Kirsty, who between them have lost the weight of two people! They all look fantastic and worked the camera like seasoned broadcast pros.

These TV commercials will run across regional Australia, and if you don’t happen to see them on screen, then check out one of the adds below and to find out more about the 12WBT visit



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  1. […] as well,” says Michelle. “Every round sees us strip thousands of kilograms off our members and change their lives for the better, and I can’t wait to get cracking and help my members smash even more of their goals this round. […]

  2. Just wanted to say I did Round 2 2011, lost 10kgs which is all I really had to lose, and I’ve MAINTAINED easily as I eat Mish’s food all the time. Just wanted to say THANKS…..I advocate this program to EVERYONE constantly and I think you’ve done wonders for many people in Australia and around the world. For some reason this program WORKS….I tried heaps of others, but now I eat like a HORSE and everyone is constantly amazed that I keep my figure at 44…..but I eat GOOD FOOD. Thanks again xxxxx

  3. I caught the ad this morning! Looks great Mish.

  4. Excellent commercials – I love the one with the family in it! – way to go!

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