Supermarket Snacks: Here’s What Our Dietitian’s Recommend

As health professionals, you will often hear us say to eat fresh and whole foods… but there are occasions when a packet-style snack is required. And there are some great choices out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best supermarket snacks, to have stocked in the pantry or fridge when you just don’t have the time/energy to make your own.

Our Top Supermarket Snacks


If you enjoy salty and savoury potato crisps, a healthy swap is to purchase some small packets of lightly salted popcorn. They’re lower calorie and air-popped – not a fryer in sight. These are great to throw in the swimming bag or handbag when you’re in a rush and know you’ll be needing a quick snack. 


Grainy crackers and rice/corn cakes are fantastic to have on hand, especially on a hot day when bread tends to sweat. Look for visible grains in your crackers and pair them up with a transportable topping for when you are on the go or using a lunchbox.

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Trail mix

A 30g serve of trail mix isn’t a huge serve, but combined with a fresh piece of fruit, it’s a nourishing and filling snack. Try and measure out your serve of trail mix because it’s easy to eat a few handfuls at a time. 

Long Life Milk Poppas

Little long life milks are the PERFECT hit of protein that you can keep in your gym bag; bonus, it won’t spill or spoil! A good serve of dairy in the perfect little ‘cup’ serve size. 

Muesli Bars

The muesli bar aisle in the supermarket is a tricky one as there are a lot of ‘health bars’ that are treat bars in disguise! Look for one that contains wholegrains and less than 15g of sugar in the 100g column. 

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Same philosophy as our muesli bars – keeping sugar to less than 15g per 100g. Look for one that is natural, sweetened with fruit and reads like homemade. If it’s a list of chemical sweeteners and flavours, put it back. 

Tinned Beans

Having a small tin of baked beans in your work drawer can be a lifesaver if you’ve raced out the door without breakfast. You can eat straight from the can or pop on a crispbread. Choose a brand that is low in sugar and salt. 


30g of nuts is a lovely little serve to help get you through an afternoon slump. If you are trying to avoid the work biscuit barrel or chocolate box, nuts can help calm those hunger hormones. If you need something sweet, pair your nuts with some fruit! 

Roasted Chickpeas

There are loads of little pre-packaged roasted legumes on the market. Providing protein, fibre, slow-release carbohydrate and healthy fat, they are a nourishing to-go snack that you can keep in your bag. 

Dark Chocolate

Having a small bar of dark chocolate in your desk draw can be a godsend if you have an unshakeable chocolate craving. Pair 2 squares with a cup of peppermint tea and you’ll get your choccie hit in the perfect portion. 

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We don’t provide brand recommendations for products but the best thing you can do is to read the ingredient list. Does it read like ‘homemade’? If yes, you are on the right track! 

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Lisa Donaldson, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu
Lisa is the Lead Dietitian for 12WBT. With a Masters in Nutrition & Dietietics as well as a Bachelor of Education, Lisa is keen to help all 12 Weekers understand how to achieve health for life. Lisa studied Sports Dietetics at the Australian Institute of Sport and has a keen interest in gastrointestinal health. A highly regarded communicator, Lisa is a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, the ‘Dietitian in Residence’ at the University of Canberra and a lecturer at the Australian Defence Force Academy. She has also been an expert on ABC Television’s Ask the Dr Series.

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