12 Rounds and a Transplant – Tracey’s Amazing 12WBT Story

Talk about inspiring! 12WBTer Tracey is on her 12th Round, despite facing many challenges. Read her incredibly bold and brave story below.

Just after our first wedding anniversary my husband Geoff was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, a genetic condition that slowly destroys kidney function. We prepared ourselves that one day we’d be looking at dialysis, or even a kidney transplant.

In 2012 all that changed when we were told that Geoff was in end-stage renal failure and had to start dialysis. He was very sick, with only 5% kidney function so the dialysis machine was the only thing keeping him alive. It was a horrible thing to watch him endure dialysis, so it was an easy decision for me to donate one of my kidneys. The question was: would I be a compatible donor? After many months of every test under the sun I was miraculously deemed a match –woo hoo! And very special, considering we were husband and wife!

Signing Up for 12WBT

I knew I was healthy, but I had been thinking about doing 12WBT to get myself super fit so I could give my gorgeous man a part of me. I bit the bullet and signed up for my first 12WBT Round in November 2012. I had 6 kilos to lose which doesn’t sound like much, but it was enough on my small frame to deem me overweight. As soon as I joined, I felt as though I was part of the 12WBT family and felt supported by Michelle and the crew. I loved the Mindset Lessons, the recipes and especially the Exercise Program.

Getting Supported By The 12WBT Family

To make a long story short, due to the insidious nature of renal failure, Geoff had to have a couple of major operations before we could even think about a transplant. These were very dark days. I almost lost Geoff during this time and that thought was just unbearable. We lived in the hospital for weeks on end and it was truly wonderful to be able to have a chat with others in the 12WBT Member Zone and hear what going on in the 12WBT family. I got great comfort in reading other 12WBTer’s journeys, and knowing I wasn’t alone. A few kind words here and there meant the absolute world to me and I sure did need to hear them!

I could cook all the yummy 12WBT food as the nutritional info on each recipe helped us follow Geoff’s special diet by knowing exactly what was in each dish. On Saturdays I would drop Geoff at dialysis, then smash out my Super Saturday Session at the gym for a few hours, then go home and have a huge cook up. It was great to have a weekend routine in what had become our crazy life.

A Very Special Day

Our transplant finally happened in May 2013 and it was the proudest day of my life, being able to give Geoff my kidney and keep my precious husband alive. We’ve always been joined at the hip, and now we’re joined by our kidneys! Geoff said he couldn’t top my 30th wedding anniversary present to him. Two years after our operations Geoff is alive and we have ‘our life back’. There’s not a day that passes that we aren’t extremely grateful.

The Power of 12WBT

12WBT has been there through this entire journey, and I honestly don’t know how I could have gone through what I did without that support. Even the ‘lost Round’ where we were recovering, I couldn’t exercise but I watched Mish’s Mindset Lessons, read the Member Zone comments and just kept in touch with my teammates. Throughout the Rounds 12WBT has been support and encouragement, hope when there seemed to be none, and above all something consistent when our lives were being turned upside down.

Today, we get up at 5am every morning and hit the gym, with Geoff getting my circuit ready so I can train with ease. I’ve just signed up for my 12th round back to back and I’m just as excited as the first time I joined. Every Round there’s something new to discover and learn.

12WBT got me fit enough to donate my kidney, and then with baby steps got me through each different exercise stage helping me fully recover and get my fitness back. I can’t thank Michelle enough – you and your entire 12WBT team ROCK!

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  1. What a beautiful story of marriage, love and commitment. So happy that your health issues are over. Thank you for sharing x

  2. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have met you both and volunteered alongside you at the finale in late 2013. What a powerful story of overcoming life’s challenges and difficulties and not making excuses.

    Gosh, I’ve met you both once and I have so much love for you.
    Your courage and love is such an inspiration.
    Miche xx

  3. What an inspiring story, thank you for sharing. It is great to hear – keep strong and healthy- I wish you and Geoff all the best and if you can do 12WBT so many times and achieve your goals through all of your trials, then I have no excuse!!

  4. My daughter and I know this beautiful couple very well. They are the most amazing people. True and undenying love at it’s ultimate. Over the years we have come to feel like they are part of our family and reading their journey again made me stop, a few tears, but most of all realise what a wonderful lesson that can be learned by all of us. Don’t give up, keep strong and healthy and most of all once you find your soul mate, your journey is so rewarding. Love you guys to bits xx Talk soon.

  5. I am proud to say I know Tracey and Geoff personally and they are the most amazing loving couple I have ever met! Even though I have heard their story directly from them, and knowing how long and though the transplant situation was , i couldn’t stop the tears from running down my face when I read this.
    Tracy you are an a believable woman, so much strength, so much power, so much love . You have made a difference in my life . Love you guys xx

  6. Trace, you (and Geof) are an inspiration in so many areas to everyone who knows you and has worked with you. It is wonderful that you are taking on yet another challenge. I know you will achieve your 12th 12WBT goal.

  7. So inspiring Tracey 🙂 It’s wonderful to see you both each morning at the gym, and to now share the 12WBT journey with you both. 🙂

  8. I remember your journey very well, to read this again brought me to tears. Very proud of you both & i know how much you love the 12wbt!

  9. You are amazing Tracey. All the best wishes to you and Geoff for your future

  10. woo hoo go Trace!! Your famous

  11. Outstanding and inspirational pair of humans right there. The love they both share and extend to everyone around them is palpable, I feel extraordinarily blessed to know them both. Tracey is a genuine pocket rocket of energy !

  12. Read your Blog ….you know how proud we are of you Tracey ….and Geoff of course

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