The 12WBT Team Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Now is a great time to set goals for the year ahead. To get you inspired, we asked our experts at 12WBT headquarters about their resolutions for 2017. Share your goals in the comments below!

Resolutions 12WBT-Style

To do a muscle-up on the Roman Rings. This was my 2015 goal, but am now taking it seriously!
Fit Tim – 12WBT Fitness Lead

I’m gonna hit side splits in the New Year! Woohoo!
Chooky – Trainer/12WBT Support Crew

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I think my New Year’s resolution will be to enjoy a better family/work life and that will start with me setting aside time every day for me.  Not sure what the ‘me time’ will be, it may be a 15 minute walk in the morning, or taking the time to sit and enjoy my cup of tea, perhaps even starting a pilates class.  I am going with the belief that a better me makes a better family.

Vicki – Video and Talent Manager

To set a good example to my daughter by looking after my body (inside and out!) after she arrives in February, whilst also being gentle with my expectations on myself. Bring on the Post Baby Program! And to drink more water and walk the dogs more!

Taria -Digital Marketing Specialist 

My resolution is to visit at least two playgrounds every week, so I can jump, climb, slide and chase my three year old son in a fun and active way!

Lisa – 12WBT Nutrition Lead

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I would like to mix up my fitness and learn how to do trampoline workouts and utilise our 16 ft trampoline! Move over kids, I am coming!

Georgi – 12WBT Support Crew

To work on my flexibility, after having a few niggles this year due to tightness! More mindfulness work too. While I’m pretty good now with spending time in mindfulness, I want to allocate more time to this practise and give myself a bit more “Ommmmm”!

Louise – 12WBT Support Crew

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