Andrea’s Story: How 12WBT Saved Me

Every now and then I read a story from one of our members that I just HAVE to share. Read Andrea’s honest account of her weight struggles, turning point and how she lost 16kg – and counting. What an amazing woman!

Just one week before joining 12WBT I had hit a ‘fat rock bottom’. I am a bridesmaid for my friend in her upcoming wedding and being a bridesmaid obviously means I need a dress. The bride’s mother-in-law was making the dresses for us and I was their guinea pig for the design. I had previously told the bride that I was a size 18-20 when perhaps I was more like a size 22-24. I had been living in denial for so long, I didn’t even realise that I was actually much bigger than I thought I was.

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

The dress was made and it was time to try it on. I pulled on those hideous stomach-sucky-in-pants and held my breath as I squeezed myself into a white dress that was at least two sizes too small. I had to stand next to my friend – who has a gorgeously petite size eight figure – and her slim mother-in-law. I was absolutely devastated. Reflected in the mirror in front of me was all the years of neglect and laziness staring me in the face. I can’t tell you how unbelievably low I felt. There was no escaping the fact that I had really let myself go and there was nobody to blame but myself.

A Turning Point

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It was the most awful experience but something unexpected happened next. The mother-in-law, Kaye, was so lovely to me and suggested that perhaps I should try the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. I had heard about the program through social media and TV but she had actually completed the program herself and recommended I give it a go. I wiped my tears away, went home, cried some more (a lot more) and then finally picked up my laptop and looked up 12WBT.

With much apprehension (I have tried every single diet program out there and they have all failed so I didn’t have a great deal of trust) I sat down to watch a Mish video about Mindset. I cried again and again, it was as if Mish had followed me around my whole life and read my mind. Everything she said made sense and it sparked something inside me that I never thought I had – DETERMINATION!

My Body and Mind Transformation

Fast forward to today, I have completed my first Round and I have lost 16kg!!! It certainly wasn’t easy but everything I have learnt will help me to continue on this path of healthy living. I feel liberated, I’m just so happy I want to shout it from the rooftop!! My plan is to keep coming back until I reach my ultimate goal weight – 30kg to go.

So there it is, my great big story! Thank you to everyone who made 12WBT what it is because you literally saved me.

– Andrea (LadyTubbington)

Andrea is a stay at home mum with two young children (3 year old and 10 month old). Having struggled with her weight all her life, she decided for her 30th birthday, she would give herself the gift of health, and hasn’t looked back.

Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer
Michelle is Australia’s most influential personal trainer, a best selling fitness, nutrition and mindset author, a national commentator on weight issues and has thousands of online clients with amazing weight loss results.

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