Members Reveal: What I’ve Learnt Since Losing Weight

For those who have embarked on a weight loss journey, you’ll know how unsettling the process can be. In shifting the kilos you’re also shifting your entire worldview, from breaking toxic habits to learning how to love yourself again (flaws and all). It’s big.

So, what happens when you reach the other side and achieve your goals? Do you really feel that different?

We asked seven 12WBTers who lost over 15kg each for the unexpected lessons they learnt after their journey.

1. You no longer let ‘bad’ days ruin you

“It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – you can’t be 100% perfect, it’s unrealistic. If you have a bad breakfast, you haven’t undone the rest of the day! Before 12WBT I could only start a ‘diet’ on a Monday and, if I stuffed up, would wait until the next week to try again. I’ve learnt through 12WBT, that this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and it has to be forever.” – Belinda

2. You realise comfort food doesn’t make you truly happy

“I came to the realisation that no amount of comfort food would make my problems go away nor give me quality of life. Not even chocolate! Prior to 12WBT I wanted to hide from the world and wallow in self-pity. I didn’t want to do a darn thing! I am mentally tougher and am at peace with myself. My confidence has sky-rocketed.” – Charlene


3. You’re more in control than ever before

“I had reservations for doing a ‘weight loss-style’ program, instead I’m left with a new lease on life. I’ve found my inner motivation that’s totally my own, no one gave it to me, no one manufactured it, no one forced me to make better choices or push for that extra kilometre. I did it.” – Freya

4. Every bit of exercise counts

“Every little bit of exercise I do is working in my favour. When I choose to park further away and walk, it counts. When I take a small flight of stairs over a lift, I’m expending energy. Of course, if I want big results, I need to intensify my physical activity. I can’t expect to dramatically transform my body with only a small energy output, but I now know I can expect to feel better even when I only exercise once a week.” – Angie

5. Your mental strength improves

“I have so much more willpower and energy to get through my days. I’m feeling more confident within myself to try new things, which is a great feeling to be able to set your mind on a goal and complete it!” – Sandy

6. You realise it was you holding yourself back

“My biggest problem was fighting with myself, with that voice in my head trying to sabotage me. In that moment I realised the saddest thing of all: I didn’t believe in myself.” – Kacey

7. You learn how to truly be yourself

“I have learnt for the first time in my adult life to accept me for who I really am – no more trying to be the person I think everyone wants me to be. I now have the confidence to approach new situations and voice my opinion and I finally feel like a valued part of my world.” – Emma

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