Meet the SA Crew Part 2

So, as we head to Adelaide for the Round 2 Finale, we continue our massive shout-out to the SA Crew.

The South Australian Crew have not only smashed out some pretty epic workouts together, they’ve formed some rock solid friendships. Keep reading to hear from a few more SA crew members!




It was August 2011 and I weighed 84.5kg. I had only ever been heavier when I was pregnant, at 90kgs. We were about to go and have our first ever family portrait taken – it only took 16 years! I literally had nothing to wear: nothing comfortable, nothing I felt good in, nothing I looked sexy in.

I had also been sick for six weeks straight, and I was over it. I dragged myself to the doctors again and demanded a blood test. She diagnosed me with a thyroid problem, said to come back in six weeks for another test. I didn’t want to spend another six weeks being sick. Off I went to a Naturopath. She put me on one of the most restrictive diets ever and BAM, I lost weight… almost eight kilos. After eight weeks off I went for another blood test, Thyroid issue GONE.

I went to see another doctor and she tells me I never had a Thyroid issue in the first place and its no wonder I lost all that weight considering the diet I was put on.

Well, over the next couple of months the weight went back on. I was still going to the gym five days a week as I had done for the past 10 years but hey, why bother dieting if I’m not sick, right?

A friend of mine joined the 12WBT program, and I was really sceptical – how can an online program really work? She had huge success and kept her weight off after the 12 weeks. I looked into it further and the exercise program appealed to me. I thought I had my food under control and I was getting bored at the gym so I signed up and did Round 2 2012 and Round 3 2012.

In the scheme of things, I didn’t have much weight to lose but I needed to change my way of thinking – what I thought and how I thought – about EVERYTHING. I decided I had nothing to lose (other than weight) and I wanted to get fit, so I did everything Michelle asked… and I still do.

I have signed up again to do this current Round, for a couple of reasons – more workouts, a different exercise program, more recipes – but the main reason is to support a very dear friend who has lost her way and needs all the love and support I can give her, guidance, direction and a kick up the bum when required.

The thing I have got most out of this program is the support and the friendships I have made through the online groups. Until you fully embrace the program and everything it has to offer you don’t really understand and that’s what our group is, it’s a place to vent, and find support and guidance. A place where you can feel comfortable, not judged and ask those ‘stupid questions’ when needed.

Today I am at 72.8kg. I am so proud of everything I have achieved. I’ve competed in two fun runs, and my third is a couple of months away. Before 12WBT I couldn’t run to the end of the street. It took me nine months to like running and now I love it and run at least three times a week.

My advice is give it a go, give it everything you have, listen to Michelle, do what she says, embrace it and it will embrace you. You wont regret it. I am fitter, stronger, smarter in ways you wouldn’t believe. I love the new me…

Thank you Michelle and my 12WBT Ninja Family!





I had always had a problem with weight. I was the chubby, overweight child at school.
I began my weight loss journey in 2007. The figure I remember seeing on the scales back then is 108kg. I used to squeeze myself into a size 18, but it should have been a 20.

I began losing weight by simply changing my lifestyle and exercising. I didn’t change my eating habits at this stage, but I lost 12kg from this. For a few years I yo-yoed a lot until I caught wind of the 12WBT program before my wedding.

I did a few Rounds, successfully losing small amounts each time. But it wasn’t until this last Round that things have finally fallen into place and I’m now applying the lessons I’ve learned to everyday living.

For example, I’ve had many people cast their judgements about my weight loss, which at times has helped me fail. This Round I used this discouragement to my advantage, with help from Michelle, and it has helped me succeed far better than I’d ever hoped.

My husband and I train together, talk about our nutrition together and have just joined a running club together. The 12WBT has not only helped with our fitness and health but also the communication within our marriage.

I really found the support from the SA 12WBT team mind blowing. This was the first Round that I used the SA forum and I believe that using it helped me to succeed.

All I ever wanted with my fitness and weight loss was to simply be in a healthy BMI. I can happily say that I am now 3kg from a healthy BMI and I could not be happier.




I am a mum of three boys, a 12 year old, an eight year old with Asperger’s and a six year old. I’ve been struggling with my weight since my early 20’s. I am a boredom eater and an indifferent exerciser so over 15 years or so I managed to end up at 118kg. I decided to do something about it last year and dropped 4kg, but knew I needed something more.

I saw the “before” and “after” pics of a friend who had done the 12WBT and I thought she looked awesome, so I joined, with the thought that “it probably won’t work for me but I’ll give it a go.” I lost 4kg in Pre-Season and ended the Round weighing 98kg. I have now completed Round 2 and I weigh 91.5kg. I’m 18 kg from my goal weight! This is the closest I have ever come to it.

I have a wonderful supportive husband who has lost 15kg just by eating the food I cook, and my boys are much healthier now too. Watch this space as I am coming back for more!




I started the 12WBT at 92kg. After two Rounds I had lost 27kg and trimmed over 120cm from my frame… People I hadn’t seen in a while didn’t recognise me. Truth be told, when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognise me! To put this in some perspective I was a size 20 when I got married three years ago. I am now rocking the size 10 skinny jeans and loving it.

However, that weight loss was not the most amazing transformation that I underwent during the 12WBT, it was the changes in attitude and to my overall health and wellbeing. I suffered from chronic migraines and was in bed at least two days a week with the pain. Since starting the program I have not had a single migraine. I now like to get out and about and must own at least ten dresses, something I would have never owned before.

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