Should I do the 12WBT Over Christmas?

For many of us the thought of being on a ‘diet’ over Christmas and New Year is enough to make you reach for a packet of biscuits. But when you look at it logically this is actually a great time to be eating well and being active.

The weather is awesome and if you don’t go too crazy over the silly season, you won’t start the New Year feeling bloated and lethargic and there will be no need to once again, make that familiar New Year’s resolution to lose weight. How good is that?
The holidays are often an excuse to go crazy and do everything to excess, but if you want to be one step ahead this Christmas and learn how to handle what could be the biggest red flag day of all time, then your best bet is to join the 12WBT!

The next round of the 12WBT starts on November 19 and runs right over the silly season. We have included some amazing recipes for serving at parties and for entertaining guests, there is also a great menu for Christmas day lunch!! Oh and did I mention the cocktails, canapés and desserts?!

The 12WBT is offering a lifeline through what is a very tricky time of year – offering that guidance we all need to stay on track. So if you want to eat, drink and be merry, without blowing out – come join the 12WBT family and enjoy Christmas and New Year wholeheartedly – without the guilt!


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  1. Hi, my best friend has done the last 12WBT and looks amazing. I really want to do this one, but we are going camping for 2 weeks over the Xmas period and will be without power and relying on eskies to keep things cool. would this be possible to follow while camping & being without power?

    1. Hey Rhona! i am glad that your friend is looking and feeling great after completing the 12WBT! You can definitely still manage the 12WBT whilst you are camping! Salad, wraps and tins of tuna are great as they won’t really need refrigeration and other 12WBT meals can be frozen and simply defrosted and heated for dinner, which is something I do when we go camping! Otherwise, meat on the BBQ and lots of salad definitely works! It will require a bit of planning and you amy not be able to follow the meal plans to the tee, but as long as you stay within the calorie count, then there should be no problems! Good luck and happy camping!

  2. Hi! I have signed up to the 12WBT, I’m really looking forward to all the amazing receipes as I’ve seen some of the photos on facebook of the kind of food we will be eating, However, my main concern over Christmas is all the work lunches and functions I have to attend. I was wondering if there was extra information on what kind of foods to order when out at social events?

  3. Thnx Heather, I would really like to start so I might join tomorrow 🙂

  4. As there is only 8 days until the start of round 4, would I be disadvantaged for not doing the pre season? Worried if I put if off until after Xmas I won’t do it at all. I lost 12 kg on another weight loss program but have put 2 or 3 back on…need to get back into it all again…what should I do?

    1. Hey Carissa! Pre Season is an invaluable part of the 12WBT. The tasks are straight forward, but very powerful. The tasks fully prepare you mentally and physically and are a solid foundation for your 12WBT journey. Normally you complete two tasks a week over the four week Pre Season period, but there is no reason if you are willing to put your head down and do the work that you can’t complete these eight tasks over the next eight days! Some are simpler than others, like gearing up and your kitchen clean out, and others will require a bit more time, but you can definitely do it!

  5. I’m the kind of girls that makes excuses for not exercising. I only have 6kgs to lose, so without exercising, diet alone doesn’t work. I buy gym membership that go unused. I really want to start your program but I’m afraid I will not stick to it. My biggest excuse is the lack of time: I work 10hrs a day or more and I have 2kids. What’s the exercise program like?How long per day are the recommended work out? Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Eloise! Excuses are a funny thing – part of the 12WBT is getting rid of and overcoming the excuses that hold us back! In terms of lack of time, we are all time poor! Fit Tim wrote an interesting blog about being time poor here that you might like to check out! I’m hearing you that you work long hours and have kids, but remember that weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% what you put in your mouth, so if you eat clean and train when you can, then you will achieve results! The 12WBT Exercise Plans vary, but you should train between 4-6 days per week, and some days will be easier than others. This is a guide we set for best results. The workouts are one hour in duration but we encourage you to just do what you can and what fits with your schedule. If you want something badly enough the you will have to let go of your excuses and make time to concentrate on yourself. I wish you all the best of luck!

  6. Hi, I’m signed up and ready to roll for my first season. Do you offer substitutes for recipes or meals that have bananas. I know they’re fabulously heathly but I can’t eat them. Wondering what another great alternative is.


    1. Hi Kate! Welcome to the 12WBT family! There aren’t that many recipes that contain bananas and for something like say banana bruschetta, you could replace with berries or something you like! But if bananas do come up, to keep it as simple as possible, rather then replacing bananas, head to our recipe index which has over 300 recipes. From here you can pick & chose recipes to your liking and that fit in with your lifestyle which are all calorie controlled to ensure you remain within your calorie count. Good luck!

  7. I am around 30 + kilos overweight and am very unfit, I have not excercised properly for many years – would your program suit me?

    1. Absolutely Kerry! We have had people lose 5, 15 and 50+ kilos following the 12WBT, so it is suitable for anyone! The Exercise Plans are geared for beginners up to experienced exercisers and shopping lists, meal plans and easy to follow,delicious, time, budget and family friendly recipes make it as simple as possible. We give you the tools, but you have to do the hard yards and commit to eating clean and training hard, but you can do it!

  8. Hello
    I want to do the round 4 session. Can I pay for it through the post office or send a cheque?

    1. Hey Lorena! We’d love to have you on board! If you email they will be able to discuss payment methods with you!

  9. Just wondering if this caters for Breastfeeding?

    1. Yes, you can join the 12WBT while you are breastfeeding, in fact we have many mums doing the program! We advise that breastfeeding mums add at least 500 calories per day to the 12WBT Nutrition Plans. You will receive suggestions on how to supplement your meals with the Calorie Boost information on the Nutrition Plans and in the Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Fact Sheet. This is based on full breastfeeding in the first 6 months and partial breastfeeding from 6-12 months. Your baby will receive the nutrition needed for growth and development, while allowing you to shape up and tone. Hope this helps!

  10. Hi, is this ok for someone who is grain free (gluten free at a minimum)?

    Thank you!

    1. Sure is! We do not tailor a program to specific dietary needs aside from Vegetarian, however we have over 300 recipes in the Recipe Index so there are plenty of recipes that you pick & chose from to tailor your own suitable nutrition plans which would still be within your calorie count.

  11. When does the next round start after November please.

    1. Hey Julie! The next round after this one kicks off in January/February 2013! We would love to have you on the 12WBT team!

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