Top 5: Busy Mum Makeover Success Stories

For anyone who’s ever thought, “I’m too busy,” to find time to get healthy, and achieve your fitness goals…you need to read our Top 5 12WBT: Busy Mum Makeover Success Stories!

These five fantastic women, all with hectic schedules and a whole lot of determination, have managed to transform their lives and smash some serious goals!

1. Putting Herself First: For seven years, Shelley had put her kids first – and that also meant never losing the weight she’d gained during her pregnancies. And after a painful divorce, she found herself turning to food for comfort. But when her own mother offered to help her get fit, by babysitting three mornings a week, she felt like she had to hold up her end of the bargain. And she did: after joining 12WBT, she made those 5.15am workout sessions a habit, even roping in her brother to babysit on two more mornings. It paid off, too – the mum shed 17.6 kilos in one round!

Shelley’s Top 12WBT Tip  Get the kids involved in your journey.  When my girls get up in the morning, they’ll ask me, ‘Mum, did you smash out a session? Did you work hard?’” And on weekends they cheer me on while I’m doing stair runs, and do push ups and sit ups beside me.”

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2. Getting Back into Life: After Brooke gave birth to her third child, she found herself crippled by anxiety – and ashamed of her body. It was a combination that meant the young mum found it hard to leave the house, never mind exercising. But when she signed up for 12WBT to try and lose weight, she actually gained a new lease on life. As well as shedding more than 20 kilos, she rediscovered her confidence, made friends and travelled across the country to get involved in the 12WBT events. Simply put, she’s gone from stuck to plain unstoppable.

Brooke’s Best 12WBT Tip: “Stay active with your kids. We go out and throw a ball, ride on scooters, jump on the trampoline or walk to the park. They’ll grow up being able to value a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s something that comes naturally every day to us now.”

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3. Learning to Let Go: Louise wasn’t just a busy mum – she was a mum who’d forgotten who she was without her kids, admitting that before she joined 12WBT, she did know what to do with any time she had spare. But after trying out some fitness classes while on holiday – and discovering that her family was fine for an hour without her – she was determined to carve out some more “me” time, and get strong.  After a round of the Lean & Strong program, Louise didn’t just do that, she came third in the Top Transformation awards!

Louise’s Best 12WBT Tip: “I learned that I could separate my needs from my children’s and that if something’s a priority, I could be as determined as I needed to be.”

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4. Breaking the Busy Curse: Launching a successful business and raising two small children isn’t an easy task, as 31 year old Bella discovered. For the Launceston mum, it was also a recipe for weight gain, as she justified her eating choices and lack of exercise with that common excuse: I’m too busy. But when she discovered 12WBT, everything changed as she proceeded to lose 15 kilos in her first round. After she sold her business and faced an uncertain future, Bella got something just as valuable – a lesson in how to manage emotion without falling off the wagon, which she did by starting a blog to process her feelings. Fast forward a few years, and Bella is 45 kilos lighter, a qualified personal trainer and takes home prizes in body building competitions!

Bella’s Best 12WBT Tip Become accountable and tell people about your goals. When you make things concrete and put them in writing it gives the idea weight. You have to live up to things.”

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5. Owning Her Future At almost 150 kilos, Cathy knew she needed to make a change if she wanted to watch her little boy, Archie, grow up. When the single mum signed up for the 12WBT, she was so scared of exercise she went to the gym every day for a week – and stayed in the car park. But she found the motivation in her son, using the date of his 21st birthday as a mantra to keep her going during tough workouts. Fifteen months and five rounds later and Cathy is half her size, with a love for boxing and a new hope for the future.

Cathy’s Best 12WBT Tip Life doesn’t start when you lose weight, and it won’t make you happy, so you need to set life goals as well as weight loss goals. Work towards where you want to be, rather than running away from what you are.”

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Happy Mother’s Day!

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