Weight Loss Wonders – Meet Our August Round Winners

WOW! Another incredible round, and with it some of the most incredible weight loss and health success stories to come out of our 12WBT fam! Well done to everyone who has taken the steps to improve their health and well being through the 12WBT program, you should all be so proud of your efforts – we certainly are proud of you!

Meet our end of round winners

Dean Schreiber

Dean Weight loss


With a family history of diabetes, with my weight creeping up and my fitness spiralling down, I knew I needed to do something – but knowing and doing are worlds apart. A chance discussion with a colleague put me onto your program and I felt this could be the chance I was looking for. I joined up and was lucky that the program was starting a few days later.

I was definitely the “I’ll start next week” type of guy. I blamed my busy life, that no one “clearly understood” and that I just wanted to “sit in front of the TV and chill this weekend” which of course turned into every weekend. Always tired, always hungry. I always found another TV series with only “a few more episodes” to watch and then I will start my diet. You name it, I could use it to procrastinate. That was then, this is now and I’m so glad that none of the above describes me anymore.

I have realised this isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Its not about what you lose, its about what you gain; confidence, self-esteem, respect from your family, hero status from the kids. It’s about the lessons and motivation you can instil in others struggling with any challenge. I can focus more on conversations, meetings I chair, presentations I sit in on. I’m patient, focused and above all, there for my family when they need it – not on the sofa, because I’m too tired to do otherwise.

Clare Lee

Clare Weight loss

Weight loss has always been a struggle for me. 

I have stuck to my calories and it has been the easiest mental round I’ve had. Just not over thinking and being prepared has really paid off!

You are never going to find 12 weeks that are free from celebrations, occasions, holidays, parties.  Just jump in and start somewhere! Live the life you want starting today! It’s a journey not a destination, enjoy it along the way. As long as you’re travelling in the direction you want don’t worry about the hills and valleys, fix your eyes on your long term goals.

I love 12WBT and know it works! JFDI!

Vicki Lawrenson

Vicki Weight loss

Reaching and exceeding my goal in 12 weeks. Reducing the fat around my vital organs. Increased energy. Feeling my fitness increase from week to week and marvelling at how my body is responding to being pushed. I have guns, they’re small but definitely there. I’m back wearing all my clothes, and fit comfortably into new jeans bought 18 months ago earlier than expected.

I’m more patient and tolerant. I’m more generous with my time because I’ve allocated time for myself. I feel proud to have achieved what I set out to. My self esteem has improved. I’m HAPPIER.

Thanks to Mish and her team for providing easy access to comprehensive resources and expertise. The website is user friendly, I’ve done exercises for the 1st time in 30 years that I didn’t think possible at the beginning. 12WBT allows everyone to start at their own level and build on it. Thank you for supporting me back to happiness and healthiness. I can see me returning for a different program in the future but for now I need to put what I’ve learnt into practice.

Megan Booker

megan weight loss

I never thought I would get as far as I have with my weight loss and fitness improvement when I started 12WBT, but I’m ecstatic with my results and getting my weight down to a level I haven’t been at since my early 20s, and a fitness level I’ve never been at. 

I’ve  knocked off over a minute from my original fitness test result for the 1km run. That’s purely on fitness as I didn’t do any running training through the 12 weeks.

I’ve been able to avoid and steer clear of the foods that I know are my triggers. Chocolate especially was a massive issue for me, and even when my partner sits next to me eating m&ms I can resist!

Tegan Long

Tegan Long

I’m extremely surprised how quickly I dropped my weight. I thought being 34 and having two kids, it would’ve been a slower process. 

I’m proud of my consistency with my workouts. I work out at least 5-6 days a week. I always used to eat with my eyes, now I eat when I am hungry. I feel better now about my physique and I love that I can finally ditch my maternity pants. My energy after working out feels like I just had a shot of caffeine!

I love my sweets, I love snacking at night, but if I totally changed my habits, I don’t think it’d work or even be practical. So I enjoy my nightly ritual of having a piece of Michelle Bridge’s banana bread at night. Sometimes with low-fat cottage cheese! Yum! I definitely can’t quit my coffee either so I now have it with almond milk at cafes or unsweetened almond milk at home. It even makes my coffee sweet so I don’t need to add any sugar!

Ana Rodriguez-Robles

Ana Weight loss

I started at the beginner level workout and now I am doing intermediate/advance. I really can’t believe I did it and the best part is that I enjoyed the whole journey. I showed everyone, what I was capable of and that if you really want something in your life, you really need to compromise and start making changes in order to make that happen. It helped me overcome my anxiety; before I was a worrier, hiding behind my surgery (total hysterectomy and hormonal replace therapy), as an excuse to not exercise, lack of energy and my weight gain.

This is funny but it worked for me: I did my workout in my big screen TV, and I imagined that I was looking at a mirror and was seeing myself instead of Michelle (I was her) and used her as a motivation of what I wanted to be like – I really want to reach her fitness at some point. This motivated me a lot to continue until the end. It made me feel good. Seriously.

During the past 12 weeks, I did fall off the path a few times, and also have some disappointing weeks, where the scale did not show how hard I worked during the previous week, but instead of focusing on the negative I did encourage myself thinking in all I have gained during the process, I even compliment myself in all I have achieved until that moment, and it gave me the confidence to continue on the right path. And here I am fighting to be the best version of myself.






I was annoyed with myself that I had allowed myself to get over weight yet again, but I was determined that this time would be the last time I lost the 20 kilos that I had been losing and putting back on again for the last 30 years or so. I decided that I would do back to back rounds until I reached my goal weight which was 70 kilos but I amended down to 66. I reached my goal weight in week 6 of the December round and it was emotional and exciting.

12wbt has given me back my life. I have run 10k, I have lifted weights, I can jump, I can skip, I am fitter than I have ever been in my life. I am the lightest I have been since my early 20’s. I can walk into a shop and buy clothes off the rack knowing they will fit. I know how to eat well and nutritiously. I feel alive and ready to face my 60th birthday in September. I have found a plan I can live my life by.

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