Ask A Friend To Workout Using One Of These Pickup Lines!

This month we’re all about working out with a friend, whether it’s your bestie, partner, sibling, parent – whoever! We don’t want you to exercise alone! Why? Research has found it can double your results! Not to mention the support from a friend can help reinforce your self-believe, add a socialisation aspect to your workout routine, and keep you on track. And they’ll be there to celebrate with you at the end (and we all know that celebrating is the best bit!)

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So, what now? You know you want a workout buddy, but you’re just not sure how to ask? 

What if they laugh? What if they say no?!

Well, what if they laugh and say yes!!

I’ve decided that asking someone to workout is just like asking someone out. So, avoid the stagefright and use one of these workout pickup lines, guaranteed to have your buddy laughing, curious and confused enough to just say YES!

  • Do you believe in love at first set?


  • It’s your turn to spot me because I spotted YOU straight away.


  • It’s lucky I know CPR because I’m about to take your breath away.


  • Do you lift? Because I was hoping you’d pick me up!


  • Call me hamstring because I’ve just pulled! – (Maybe be careful who you say this one too)


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Isabella Dugan
Isabella is a self-confessed writing and publishing nerd. There's nothing she won't learn and write about, in the hopes of educating, inspiring and challenging our member's mindset and their expectations. Isabella is an avid runner and has been playing team sports since the age of 4 and has been cooking and loving food since the age of 14 when she switched to a vegetarian diet (now vegan). So if you're in the market for a showstopping scrambled tofu recipe, hit her up.

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