Is training with someone more effective?


If your commitment to get fit and exercise more is falling by the wayside, you need a change of tack to get back on track – and what better way of doing this than by joining forces with other people to get fitter together?

Forming local or friends-based fitness groups or an online support program like the 12WBT can make the difference between pulling on your runners and getting out there or staying on the sofa. Just as you would arrange to meet for a coffee or go to the movies, making ‘appointments’ with your friends to exercise together means you are more likely to turn up and do it – because you don’t want to let them down, do you?

Once you’re all working out together, you’ll be amazed at how motivated you feel, and how much fun you have – and, with researchers finding that laughing boosts your calorific expenditure and heart rate by up to 20 per cent, this means you can have an even more effective workout!

Pick a training buddy whose goals and interests are similar to yours and who are willing to motivate you to do your best. Share your goals with each other so that you stay honest, and when one of you tries to back out of a session, the other can remind you what you are working towards. Give them permission to hassle you into getting out there and tell them not to take no for an answer.

Experts recommend that you get your heart rate up at least 30 minutes a day, on five days a week or more. This means that you should feel warmer and be breathing faster, but still be able to chat – so while you are catching up on the latest gossip, you can also be burning off those calories!

If you are new to exercise, build up steadily, perhaps starting walking or cycling, then progressing to jogging, a dance session or aerobics/circuit training in the gym. Whatever you do, by making sure that you add friends into the equation means you will be more likely to remain committed, motivated – and fitter – throughout the year.



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  1. Totally agreed. Have signed on to start with Round 3 and have am so ready, motivated and inspired to start. Have been doing sugar free for the past month already and needed something to kick it up a gear…found 12WBT and signed up after 2mins – was that convinced it was exactly what I needed. Then got my sister to join too!! She’s been really struggling to get motivated and we both want to be healthier and fitter – I’m a little further prepped than she is and definitely more motivated, but I just know good ‘ol sibling rivalry will help us both stay focussed and a wee bit competitive to see who gets the best results. And since we are both in the wedding party for our brothers’ wedding in Jan 2013…we have a HUGE goal to keep us working hard. Can’t wait to work hard and discover the healthier, happier me. Thanks 12WBT team and Mish. Michey xx

  2. I agree with this wholeheartedly. I would never have run 10kms two nights ago without my trainer egging me on! And knowing I am meeting someone when I get up early in the morning on weekends is the only thing (at this stage) that gets me there. Hopefully the internal motivation will come eventually…. 🙂

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