Make 2014 Your Year of Body Confidence


Don’t wait til you hit your goal weight to start looking and feeling your best. Sometimes it just takes something simple to boost your body confidence and start feeling terrific. Here’s our top ways to feel instantly more awesome.

Work That Wardrobe
Wearing drab, uninspiring clothes will make you feel just that. A few new wardrobe additions will make you feel a million bucks. If you’re using the excuse of “I’m waiting until I lose weight to buy new clothes”, simple: don’t buy clothing items. New shoes, jewellery, scarves or a handbag will fit you even if you lose more weight.

Transform Your Hair
Like your wardrobe, don’t wait to make that hair transformation you’ve been wanting. Do it! Get the chop or try that colour you’ve been eyeing off in magazines for months. The change will help you start seeing yourself in a new light – and spur you on to keep on track.

Embrace Beauty
Realise you deserve to be surrounded by beauty, whatever your size or fitness level. Fresh flowers for your kitchen or new cushions for your bed will help you realise those L’Oreal ads are right – “You’re worth it!”

Get Silky Smooth
Don’t think you’re worth a little daily TLC? Think again. Moisturising your skin every day will make you feel great: exfoliate once a week and ladies, keep your legs fuzz-free. Yes, even if those cooler months! A (fake) tan will make you feel amazing too. Scared of faking it? A gradual tanner is a foolproof way to add colour AND moisture, and most Woolies and Coles stock some varieties.

Celebrate Your Wins
Don’t wait to celebrate. For every little goal hit – like sticking to a healthy meal plan or upping your exercise – give yourself a pat on the back. Treat yourself to a little non-food reward like a movie or a fun activity to say, “I did it!”

Change the Focus of Your Workouts
Instead of following an exercise regime purely to lose weight or gain more muscle, think of it as a way to make your body healthier and fitter, so you’re able to enjoy life more. Shifting your focus will make you appreciate your body more – and enjoy your workouts too.

Make Friends With the Mirror
It’s time to stop avoiding your reflection. Stand in front of the mirror (naked or clothed, your call!) and say out-loud your favourite parts. It may feel silly at first, but verbalising your thoughts helps them become real, i.e. “I love my arms” or “My tummy is getting flatter by the day”. Grab some lippie or a whiteboard marker and write it on the mirror for a daily reminder!

Fake It Til you Make It
Trust us, even Hollywood stars need a little help. We can guarantee that on any red carpet, the ladies all have one thing in common: Spanx! Don’t underestimate the power of spandex to hold you in and make you feel terrific. There are plenty of affordable support underwear solutions now, so head to Target, Kmart or Myer for a boost!

Use Your Good Stuff
Banish the ‘One day I’ll…’ way of thinking. Know that you deserve to use your good stuff every single day. So get out that good wedding china for Tuesday night dinner, wear those special occasion shoes down to the shops…you get the drill! You’ll be amaze how special you feel, and don’t we all deserve that!

Be Bold
Wearing a bright shade will also brighten your mood, so pull out that bright top or fun hat. Ladies, that goes for your lipstick too – trying a splash of colour on your lips can make you feel oh-so-sexy in a flash. Go for a classic red, pink or coral, and if you’re a bit iffy, wear it around the house until you’re ready to show the world!

Help Someone Else
When you’re starting to beat yourself up, turn your focus outwards. Phone a friend or relative who may be lonely, visit a neighbour or volunteer at your local aged care home or charity. By helping someone else you’re taking the focus off yourself, and getting a natural high.

Whatever you do, don’t put off feeling great until you ‘deserve’ it. You deserve to feel great every single day, no matter where you are on your journey to health.

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