Realistic Health, Fitness And Lifestyle Goals You Should Be Committing To This New Year

Are you one to religiously set yourself new year’s goals or yearly resolutions? It’s fair to say we all got served by 2020. So if you find yourself falling back on the same ol’ pledges and promises of bygone New Year’s Eves, then something is amiss! Lessons can be learnt from upheaval, so reassess what’s really important in your world, determine what the past 12 months have taught you and then capture some honest and measured thoughts on paper.



Even when a colossal event touches the lives of so many, the trials and tribulations of each individual during that time can be experienced vastly differently. Despite this, there are many simple and realistic goals that all of us may benefit from aspiring to as we look towards 2021, and better health and fitness. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can borrow mine! 

Commit to goals of CONNECTION

Whether it be to fellow humans, furbabies, activities, hobbies, nature or just your thoughts! We are mostly social creatures, but circumstances out of our control may have made us feel a little more reclusive and vulnerable of late. Therefore, making a connection to SOMETHING (anything!) is a commendable start. This is why New Years is often seen as the perfect time to kickstart some healthy habits, like daily walks or staying hydrated. The goals don’t have to be massive here! Small steps often result in the most successful connections, adding extra value to life.

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Commit to the goals of FLEXIBILITY & ADAPTABILITY

Have you ever set yourself a goal only to admit that you bit off more than you could chew? Highly likely. If everything feels too much, then it probably is! Rather than throw in the towel in a huff, pivot to becoming flexible and adaptable in your modified approach. Dial back expectations a notch, simplify the pathway to reach that goal and do the best you can on the day with what you’ve got. Baby steps though, bud! This is the exact thought process behind our 12WBT Lifestyle Membership – for those who find 12 weeks is just too quick to make it all happen.

Commit to the goal of HONESTY

Drop the games. Whether you’re kidding yourself or someone else, you don’t have time for that nonsense this new year! Do the workout, follow the plan as prescribed, make the healthy meals you promised you would. This is about claiming responsibility for the good stuff and the bad. Got something toxic in your life? Tell the instigator of that toxicity how you really feel…then see how that plays out. Own it, drive it, relish it.

Commit to goals of APPRECIATION

2020 taught me that when you think things couldn’t possibly get any worse, you shouldn’t specifically verbalise it. Firstly, I suggest keeping your mouth shut. ‘The Universe’ can’t and won’t wait to show you just how far off the mark you can be. Secondly, because there is always someone or something worse off than you are at any point in time. This is not an instruction or expectation that you should be happy 24/7, but instead a gentle request to seek out the little things in your day that you can extend gratitude towards.

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Commit to the goal of being DISRUPTIVE

In the nicest possible way, of course! Life is more exciting and can be highly educational when you start acting oddly (within reason). Break through your ‘Comfort Zone’ to try new things – be it food, friends, movies, location or exercise. Always wanted to try that fitness program? Do it. Keen to learn how to make kale taste good? Do it. Want a change in scenery? Plan a road trip once a month. Feeling fed up with your everyday? Trick Zuckerberg and Facebook into miscalculating your next move then be open to what starts filtering into your feed. Seriously! If you google something you never would have before, your Facebook feed will be re-targeted with all sorts of new information. 

This is the way x

If you’re interested in kickstarting your new year on a health and fitness high, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got 16 different programs, tailored to your fitness levels and interests – and over 1100 healthy, tasty recipes to support you along the way. Visit our website to get started today!

Chooky Biordi, BSc (Statistics)
Chooky has been a training instructor for 25 years, originally training as a Les Mills instructor in New Zealand while she completed her Bachelor of Science (Statistics). Fitness has been in her blood from early on, successfully starting her career as an international gymnastics representative, who then went on to become a competitive gymnastics coach. Despite working in the clinical research quarter of pharmacovigilance for several years, Chooky's passion for teaching group fitness classes continues today and she now also gets a kick out of supporting thousands of 12WBT members on their own fitness journeys. Chooky has also starred in a multitude of fitness workouts for 12WBT, alongside Mish, and is a mum of two little elite-level gymnasts!

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