5 Ways to Curb Your Anger

Edgy, irritable, angry, moody… chances are at some point we all feel that little anger beast inside us bubbling out. So how are some ways to cope when daily stresses push us into the anger zone? Here’s five things to add to your de-stress toolbox.

1. Listen to Music

Whether classic musical helps you calm down, or you need some head-banging rock, music can be a great way of boosting your mood, pumping you up or helping you relax. Better still, dance to that music!

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2. Talk it Out

Sometimes a different perspective is all it takes to help shift our mood. Speaking to a friend or loved one can help work through the events or issues making you angry – and often just getting it off our chest can make us feel a lot calmer.

3. Laugh

Watch a funny TV show or movie, or if you’re short on time, even a hilarious YouTube video (the cutest wimpy goat, anyone?) can get you giggling.

4. Get Sweaty!

Getting a sweat on is a great way to release endorphins and use your pent up energy for good! Maybe the simplest advice of all, taking a walk around the block (or further) can get you some fresh air and space from whatever’s causing your upset. Take long, deep breaths, put some music on (see #1!) or phone a friend or loved one to talk it out (see #2).

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5. Sleep On It

Have you ever been really angry or upset and gone to bed, to wake up in the morning and find the issue is not anywhere near as bad as it seemed the night before? It’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for your mental state and clarity. Get our tips for sleeping like a baby.

If you think you need additional help coping with anger or emotional issues, seek professional help, speak to your doctor or visit Reach Out for more information.

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