Our 12WBT February Round Winners

Every Round we are amazed at the efforts of all 12WBT participants, and February 2021 was no different! This Round we saw some epic triumphs of will, mental happiness, self love and physical change. To highlight our February Round Winners, we asked them a couple of questions about their transformations and how they’re working towards smashing their new goals. 


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12WBTer Emma 

Why 12WBT?

I chose 12WBT because I always failed to lose weight on my own & I was too embarrassed about my weight to ever seek out a personal trainer at my gym. 12WBT was able to show me what I should be eating and what exercises I should be doing to reach my goal successfully and change my mindset – and I did just that!”

What was your favourite part of 12WBT?

“My favourite part of 12WBT is definitely the workouts. I started at 116kg and couldn’t even do a step up, run on the treadmill or jump. Now I can do all of the above! I was never able to run after my son at the park or in the yard, now I can run 1km without stopping. I have achieved so much that I never thought was possible, and have even lost 6cm and my clothes are now all baggy.”

What’s one tip you’d give someone looking to start a Round?

“Don’t give up. You will be sore, you will get tired, you will feel hungry and you will probably see the workout plans and say I can’t do that. But yes you can! Trust in yourself, push yourself and you will be transformed physically and mentally. It’s 100% worth every drop of sweat you lose.”

12WBTer Dinithi 

Why 12WBT?

“I have done 12WBT before and found it was the best way to implement healthy eating (they have a massive recipe index) as well as giving me the motivation to keep pursuing my weight loss. I’ve lost the weight I had put on during lockdown last year and struggled to work off despite increasing exercise to almost daily! 12WBT helped me to reset and regain the discipline needed to reach my ideal weight.”

What’s the best part about your 12WBT journey?

“I feel much better about myself and my ability to have discipline around what I put in my body. I’ve always struggled with over-eating but during lockdown it created an emotional eating pattern which I thought I would never break. I now feel amazing and look forward to choosing healthy recipes from 12WBT and I don’t feel like I’m missing out!”

Any final words for other 12WBTers?

“Fitness and health go hand in hand for me, and isn’t just about the physical changes but the mental as well. Having balance and a positive outlook while implementing small changes to your lifestyle can have a profound effect on the way you see yourself and show up to the world!”

12WBTer Julie 

Why did you choose 12WBT?

“My sister forced me to do 12WBT and I begrudgingly agreed to do it. I was hesitant about having to follow a meal plan and cook new recipes but now I love it! The food is great and the recipes are quick to cook. My biggest achievement is weight loss, the cms lost and my increased fitness. I now workout 6 days a week! I’m most proud of changing my lifestyle and that I completed the 12 weeks.”

What’s one tip you’d give someone looking to start a Round?

“As Michelle says – JUST FRICKIN DO IT”.

12WBTer Raeleen

Why 12WBT?

“I’ve ALWAYS turned to this program for it’s balanced nutritional and adaptable home cooking recipes, exercises at all levels and locations, plus it’s focus on mindset. As a person who has suffered from mental health issues, I have found the program to be on point in this regard.”

What did you enjoy the most?

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Facebook 12WBT community of members who support, care & encourage each other. As a 55-year-old woman trying to lose weight, being part of this group has helped me realise I’m not the only one out there experiencing the same issues. This community has also given me the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others going through similar experiences. Everyone can be an inspirational teacher.”

What are you most proud of?

“My highest and best version of myself is manifesting in my life right now and my results from the 12WBT February Round and my entire weight-loss journey since being on the lifestyle program reflects this.”

Rae’s final words:

“Everyone is capable of great things, you just need to take the first step towards being the captain of your ship and the CEO of your life.”

12WBTer Laura

Why did you choose 12WBT?

I chose 12WBT as it is a comprehensive solution, covers training plans and diet and makes it all super easy.  I am a full time working mum – so the online shopping, meal planner and easy recipes is a complete game changer. I love the food, the workouts and the support on 12WBT!” I also love how you can switch locations of workout.  This really helped during COVID – where I trained solidly each day in the garage! I have toned up heaps and just feel so much better. I can also almost do a pull up and have significantly increased my strength. “

What’s one tip you’d give someone looking to start a Round?

“One tip – Trust and follow the plan.  Stay strong in the moments of choice.  You will soon notice big differences and will be hooked!”


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