The 7 Things You Need To Know To Kickstart Your Weight Loss

kickstart your weight loss

If you are beginning your weight loss journey this new year, it’s all about simplifying things. Clearing through the clutter and getting down to proven nutritional fact. These seven simple tips will kickstart your weight loss and improve your health from the get-go. 


1)             Eat REAL food – the kind of food that you find in nature. Whole fruit, brown rice, whole grains, eggs, vegetables and milk. You don’t need to adopt a Paleo lifestyle or never eat a Tim Tam again, it’s simply about eating regular home-cooked meals and less pre-packaged foods. Start making meals from scratch and the kilos will lose themselves. Check out the 12WBT weekly Meal Plans as a great place to start for meals that are customised to your goals. 

2)             Get organised. It’s hard to succeed at anything if you don’t have a plan in place to achieve great results. A well-designed meal plan, shopping list and time set aside for cooking and meal prep is essential if you want your eating habits, and weight, to change long term. 

3)             Drink water! Make water your number one source of hydration. Ditch the soft drinks and milky coffees, especially if you are just trying to quench your thirst. A herbal tea is a great option if you’d like some flavour.

4)             Eat loads of plants. Not hydrangeas or roses, but rather fruit and vegetables! Our ancestors ate far more fruit and vegetables than we currently do and obesity rates were not as high as they are today. There is a broad and amazing range of chemicals and nutrients in plant foods, plus they are a rich source of fibre. So ditch the Multi-Vitamin you’ve been taking and instead load your body up with plant foods.

5)             Eat from the ocean. Oily fish like salmon and sardines are a fabulous source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which will not only keep your heart healthy but also reduce inflammation.  2 – 3 serves of oily fish each week will be amazing nourishment for your body and keep you fuller for longer. Choose sustainable sources, like those found in the Sustainable Seafood Guide.

6)             Eat lean proteins. This does not include crispy duck skin, pork crackling or fatty bacon rinds! Instead, try some game meat like kangaroo, as it’s low in saturated fat and incredibly lean. Otherwise, aim to buy pasture-fed and free-range meat products where possible. Don’t forget plant proteins like tofu, legumes, nuts and seeds – these are fab sources of protein. Protein keeps you fuller for longer so make smart choices. 

7)             Ditch white! I am talking refined carbs like white rice, white sugar, white crackers, white pasta, white bread…. And instead, choose the brown or wholegrain varieties. A better source of fibre plus valuable minerals and fibre to nourish the body. 

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Lisa Donaldson, APD, M.Nutr&Diet, B.Edu
Lisa is the Lead Dietitian for 12WBT. With a Masters in Nutrition & Dietietics as well as a Bachelor of Education, Lisa is keen to help all 12 Weekers understand how to achieve health for life. Lisa studied Sports Dietetics at the Australian Institute of Sport and has a keen interest in gastrointestinal health. A highly regarded communicator, Lisa is a spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, the ‘Dietitian in Residence’ at the University of Canberra and a lecturer at the Australian Defence Force Academy. She has also been an expert on ABC Television’s Ask the Dr Series.

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