Janine’s 12WBT Story


Janine gearing up for the Mother’s Day Classic.

For years, Janine thought she’d never be able to run again due to an injury. Now with 12WBT she is getting ready run the Mother’s Day Classic.

Janine, a 31-year-old technical training coordinator, had always loved jogging, but a tear anear her meniscus (the bouncy cartilage in your knee that distributes body weight) had left her with unbearable pain whenever she picked up the pace. “I was told I needed to improve the muscles around my knee and the strength in my legs, but I never had the discipline to work out consistently enough,” she admits. And the kilos were slowly but steadily creeping on.

Learning to Run (Again)


Janine before she started 12WBT. She has since lost seven kilos and counting.

After watching a friend lose weight with 12WBT, Janine decided to join up for this Round, with the dream of running again on her mind.

“I was so pleased when I heard that the program was good training for running a race, and I decided to set myself a mini milestone to run two kilometres,” she says. “I ended up running three! That made me confident I could become a runner again – and even run races.”

Now, eight weeks into the 12 week program, and with seven kilos whittled from her frame, Janine is training for her first-ever fun run – the Mother’s Day Classic.


Six days of exercise including Saturday spin class is now the norm.

While she used to hit the gym three days a week, six days of workouts has become normal for Janine. “I’ve always been active, but not at this level. Now I’m addicted!” she says. And with support from her co-worker, her partner and the 12WBT Forums — “the Forums are so supportive” — Janine is determined to keep smashing her goals, including her next milestone: to run five kilometres of the 8km Mother’s Day Classic.

Mother’s Day Motivation


Janine with her partner Nick, a big supporter of her 12WBT journey.

It’s not just fitness that’s motivating Janine to take part in this year’s charity fun run. The German native has watched many of her friends, family members and colleagues go through breast cancer—including her closest childhood friend.

“I was so shocked when I heard she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer at 28,” Janine recalls. “It made me realise it can happen to anyone, not just if you’re older, and even if you’re healthy.” Her friend is still undergoing treatment.

“I find her motivation to fight the disease so amazing. In a way, I feel like I’m supporting her by taking part in the Mother’s Day Classic and helping to raise money for breast cancer research”

And after a scare of her own, Janine is more aware of prioritising her long-term health. “A few months ago I had a blood test that indicated I could have leukaemia, which fortunately I do not,” she says. “It made me think about how I would feel and what I would do if I didn’t have my health. I realised I would need support. So I want to do what I can to support people going through that.”

Crediting the 12WBT program with helping her make healthy choices, Janine says, “I’ve made changes and I want to keep them up—and prove to myself that I can do a run!”

To join Janine in the Mother’s Day Classic on Sunday May 12th, sign up at Whether you walk, run, cheer or volunteer you’re helping to fund essential breast cancer research. 12 Week Body Transformation is a National Gold Sponsor and we would love to have you on our team!

Do you regularly check your own breasts? Download a 3-step breast check shower card here. If you have a family history of breast cancer, talk to your GP about regular specialist check-ups.

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  1. Haha, thanks for the article. Little corrections: I’m still 31, the co-worker was a friend, but my colleagues are supportive too and yeah, I was concerned about my blood results but not too extreme. It made me think, that is true! Thanks for all your support!! Super-excited about the Mother’s Day Classic!! XX Janine

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