12WBT Round 4 Award Winners

12WBT Round 4 Award Winners

12WBT Round 4 Award Winners

I’ll admit it – Round 4 was no walk in the park! Just when the finish line was in reach, we were dealt a double Red Flag Day – Christmas Day AND New Year’s Day. But my 12WBTers worked their butts off (I have the Christmas Day workout pics to prove it) and the results are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I’m super-proud of all my Round 4 12WBTers – your sweat, tears and transformations have been an inspiration to so many. You guys blasted away a whopping 68,463kg over Round 4 and my 12WBTers lost a total of 460,193kg in 2013 – WAY TO GO!

There are 10 people who deserve a special mention – my Round 4 Award Winners. These 12WBTers have achieved amazing results and inspired others!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are my Round 4 Award Winners:


Rebecca S. AKA Mumma Bec – From VIC

michelle bridges and rebecca

A mum of three and diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Rebecca’s symptoms have improved and she is no longer afraid of being wheelchair bound. She has been commended for always taking the time to reply to every post or question in the Lean & Strong Forum and for sharing her experiences – the good and the bad – to help others.


Georgette W. AKA Georgette780 – From QLD

Georgette W. 12WBT Round 4 Winner

Pumping iron for 12 Weeks has resulted in Georgette sporting some serious GUNS, and a six-pack is just around the corner. By passing on good nutrition habits to her kids and making exercise a family activity – this Queenslander is setting the perfect example. She has adopted a ‘gratitude attitude’ and believes there is always something to be grateful for. Good on ya, Georgette.

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Amy M. AKA Amym87 – From NSW

Michelle and Amy

After losing 29kg over 2 Rounds of 12WBT, Amy didn’t stop there. She took it upon herself to inspire others – lifting her fellow 12WBTers when they hit the wall. Always
determined, full of enthusiasm and fun – Amy is a true hero.


 Kate B. AKA CocoGirlButter – From QLD

Kate 12WBT Award Winner

This lean, mean, workout machine lost over 20kg in Round 4 and a HUGE 50kg in total over seven Rounds of 12WBT. Now that’s a transformation! Kate went from not being able to run, to working towards her first marathon. She always gives encouragement to others and overcomes any hurdle.


Chris C. AKA Cullen – From QLD

Michelle Bridges and Chris

Six months ago Chris was at significant risk of diabetes, had sleep apnea and it looked as though he was going to have to take cholesterol medication. But in Round 1 of the 12WBT Lean & Strong Program Chris changed his life around and lost 6kg. Now 22.5kg lighter (not with 12WBT), Chris has gained the confidence and the ability to achieve his goals. His wife is also happy because he doesn’t snore anymore.


Lannie AKA Lannienorth – From QLD

Michelle Bridges and Lannie

Round 4 was Lannie’s first Round of 12WBT – and what an impression she has made. She is an open and honest Queenslander who approaches everything with a great sense of humour. Lannie never complains, never gives up and her motivation and support has been described as “unwavering”. GO GIRL!


Kristy P. AKA Pottsy – From NSW

Kristy 12WBT Round 4 Winner

It’s no wonder so many 12WBTers have gained inspiration and support from following Kristy’s story. Shedding a total of over 44kg and going from a size 22 to 12, she has a “never give-up” attitude and doesn’t let anything stop her from reaching her goals. Describing herself as “Gladiator of Awesome” – Kristy has changed her life for the better and her whole family is reaping the benefits.


Mark G. AKA No More Beergutz – From NSW

Mark 12WBT Round 4 Winner

Mark is no stranger to 12WBT. Having gone through five Rounds, he got results but slipped back into old habits. Mark recommitted to Round 4, rediscovered his love of running and nutritious food and has lost 22kg. What a comeback!


Stuart P. AKA Stuart positivie99 – From NSW

Stuart 12WBT Round 4 Winner

Stuart used to brush off his weight with humour until he decided to do something about it. Round 4 was Stuart’s first experience of 12WBT and he TOTALLY went for it – losing 15kg. This is just the beginning, Stuart.


Cliff Q. AKA Cliff lucid42 – From ACT

Cliff lost 17kg during Round 4 and has proved to his kids that hard work, commitment and optimism will set you up for success. He inspired the people around him with his dedication to 12WBT and gave up smoking.

Kick start your own transformation and join my 12WBT team now!  

Over to you: How about giving your support and congratulations to all my 12WBT Round 4 Award Winners. Leave your comments below.

Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer
Michelle is Australia’s most influential personal trainer, a best selling fitness, nutrition and mindset author, a national commentator on weight issues and has thousands of online clients with amazing weight loss results.

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    1. Just have had a sleep apnea test done was wondering if this program is good for me to do. I have lots of weight to loss. I have to have a machine to sleep. I would love to loss the weight. I need lots of help.

      1. Hi Kathy,

        Check in with your doctor to discuss whether this would be a good option for you. We have programs to suit every fitness level and different Meal Plans and Calorie Levels to assist you in reaching your goals in a safe, healthy, nutritious and wholesome way! 12WBT is a team event, and we support each other every step of the way. Having a support system in place is incredibly important when you start to make big changes to your life. When you become a 12WBT member, you will have access to our amazing Support Crew of registered, accredited practising dietitians and personal trainers who can help you with any of your specific questions. You will also be able to join in our incredible Member Zone, where all your team mates get together to chat about their 12WBT experiences. Many fantastic friendships are formed, so you have your own mini cheer squad supporting you every day! We hope you can join us!

        12WBT Support Crew

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