From ‘ Learn to Run ‘ to Running Full Marathon’s: Amy’s 12WBT Story

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Amy has completed 8 rounds of 12WBT since 2016, and her transformation over these years has had everything to do with running. In her 3rd marathon of the year, Amy ran the September Blackmores Sydney Marathon in 3:41:30, achieving a 6 minute PB. An outstanding effort! 

So, did Amy think 3 years ago that she’d be finishing marathons and be up running at 5am on a Saturday because she loves it so much?! Hell no! But she now says she can’t imagine it any differently.

We chatted to Amy about her running journey, to find out just how much her life has changed since she signed up to the 12WBT Learn To Run program. 


What made you sign up to the 12WBT program?

My mum mentioned she was going to do it and I thought it would give me some structure and motivation after an indulgent festive season.

How would you have described yourself before you started?

I was allergic to exercise. I was very focused on how my body looked rather than what it could do and thought that is why you changed your diet or exercised. I was extremely wary and worried about “looking silly” if I went to the gym and didn’t know what to do, or if I tried something, I’d find it hard. 

How would you describe yourself now?

I now see exercise as a challenge and not a punishment. I’m focused more on what my body can do and the importance of fuelling it with good food so I can achieve my goals. I have so much more confidence – physically I look the same but mentally I feel so different. I am more adventurous and my focus is to choose courage over comfort.

What are some physical and mental achievements you are proud of? 

I have run 3 marathons this year! I really embraced the JFDI mantra and rewatched a lot of the 12WBT mindset videos. These tips helped me to not give up when things were really tough or I didn’t feel motivated. I was only reflecting on it yesterday and realising how much I have achieved. I started running 2.5 years ago with the 12WBT Learn To Run program and I remember feeling overjoyed to finally being able to run 5km non-stop. 

Since then, I have managed my social anxiety and run 4 half marathons and 3 full marathons and chatted to so many awesome people that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I have learnt so much about myself and my body. I feel so much stronger and more capable because of running and am so grateful I can get out there and run every day.

What are some lifestyle changes and new habits you’ve implemented, and intend to continue?

A huge thing 12WBT taught me is being able to make plans work for you to set yourself up to succeed.  Routine is a huge part for me – meal planning and prepping in advance so I don’t get home from work stressed and starving, as well as exercising first thing in the morning so it is done for the day. Exercise is now such an integral part of my daily routine. I never thought I’d be the type of person up running at 5am on a Saturday morning but now I can’t imagine it any other way!

What would you say about the 12WBT running program?

12WBT has been instrumental in my running journey both physically, and also in the community of 12WBT runners both on the forums and on Facebook.  I don’t think a lot of people realise that 12WBT isn’t just another weight loss plan. I can’t think of another program out there that offers both running, as well as strength and nutrition. I am also so grateful for this program and community.

Here’s a little more about Amy’s inspiring story…

Amy’s Blackmore’s run was full of ups and downs. At 10km her Garmin malfunctioned and she couldn’t keep pace. At 29km she felt immense pain, and near the end, she felt her goal time of 3:40:00 slipping away. But her physical ability and mental toughness literally got her over the line! Amy, we are so proud of all that you have achieved! You have given running your all and you are one hell of a successful 12WBT story!


If you’re interested in learning to run or joining a supportive running community, check out our 12WBT running programs here.


Isabella Dugan
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