These Simple Tricks Helped Members Lose Weight


We love ALL of our 12WBT members, so in our book they’re all winners.

However, each round we offer members the opportunity to nominate both themselves for their achievements and fellow members, for their above-and-beyond support.

Here. we asked our Feb 2018 Round Winners for the quirky, kooky or simple trick that helped keep them motivated over the 12 weeks.


One silly little thing that motivates me to keep on going, is focusing on how awesome it feels to finally fit into my old jeans. So when I’m internally fighting myself whether to exercise or not or to give in to naughty treats I remember how amazing it feels to comfortably zip up those pants again after years of staring at them in the wardrobe.


With my music, I used to play my favourite songs during a session, sometimes these would slow me down as they can be emotionally charged. Now I use them as an incentive to listen to them during recovery after I have finished the session!


I have a couple of things that I find helpful. As I have just started running, I have to listen to music and I find 80s music usually has a good beat to run to.

Every Saturday night I make hamburgers for everyone and I have been trying out different recipes. I usually will have a wine as well then and I don’t weigh any ingredients. What a rebel, I know!

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Occasionally I find myself needing an mental boost. Squat presses with or without weights make me feel connected to my whole body; there is something about the fluid movement that gives me focus and makes me feel powerful.


I loved my frozen fruit tube ice block for dessert each night. At only 30 calories it gave me something to look forward to without breaking the (calorie) bank!


I love food. Many people are always surprised to learn how much I can eat because of my small stature. I believe that you eat with your eyes. With every meal I cooked, I always tried to make it look absolutely mouth watering. Even hubby was surprised at how good our food would look and taste!

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