Under $50 Home Gym Essentials

No gym? No worries!

Meet your ‘under $50’ essentials!

If you’re not too keen on splashing out on an expensive home gym, never fear! You don’t need a pricey kit to keep fit in. To prove it, we’ve pulled together our tried and tested ‘ essentials kit’ that’s sure to keep your muscles burning from the comfort of your own home, without breaking the bank. Compact and convenient, these MB Active ‘best sellers’ pack a mighty punch, so get ready to sculpt and strengthen when life or lockdown gets in the way of your usual routine.

1. MB Active Power Band $15

Perfect for defining your key muscle groups, this premium latex band enhances performance and muscular endurance. A superb strength training tool, the Power Band is ideal for adding intensity to free weight movements and explosive exercises, while helping you to lift your own body weight where assistance may be required (i.e. chin ups and dips). When rest is in order, the Power Band doubles as an effective option for stretching the upper and lower body.

2. MB Active Micro Sculpting Bands $15 

Nothing sculpts the lower body and strengthens the core quite like these babies! The pack includes 3 bands of varying resistances, designed to grow with your training needs. Perfect for muscular activation, strength and endurance training, they have the unique ability to simultaneously target large major and small minor stabilising muscles, to reduce the risk of injury and quickly improve muscular tone. They may be mini, but they deliver a mighty burn!

3. MB Active Sculpting Tube with Door Anchor $12

If you’re looking to mimic a gym equipment experience at home, all you need is a door! That’s right, this versatile ‘all rounder’, anchors to your door to expand the variety of exercises you can do with resistance tubes alone. It strengthens and sculpts every muscle group in a safe and supported way. Gentle on the joints, it delivers a comprehensive workout, promoting total body toning. Simple and effective at boosting endurance and stamina, the Sculpting Tube system can significantly increase flexibility and range of motion if used regularly. Coming in at just $42, these three items go a long way in delivering a gym-like experience (and gym-like burn) from the comfort of your lounge room.

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Want to know the best part? Each product comes complete with a bespoke exercise chart created by Mish and the MB Active Team, to help you get the most out of your gear and get started quickly and confidently. You can check them out here. Make no mistake, there will be sweat, and lots of it, so best to pick up an MB Active Gym Towel while you’re at it! For only $5 you’ll still be coming in at under $50.

So there you have it, you’ve got yourself a killer ‘gym’ that can fit inside your drawer for less than the price of a single PT session.

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Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer
Michelle is Australia’s most influential personal trainer, a best selling fitness, nutrition and mindset author, a national commentator on weight issues and has thousands of online clients with amazing weight loss results.

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