How I Lost 10kgs…And How You Can Do It Too!

Brittany first caught our eye in the 12WBT Member Zone, when she posted the above series of pictures. Representing her 12-week transformation, over her Round of 12WBT Brittany lost 10kgs! Feeling like Brittany held a few more secrets to success, we invited her to chat about her tips and tricks to achieving such incredible results, how to defeat an ‘all or nothing’ mindset, and the thinking behind THAT dress.

When did you realise things needed to change?

I knew things needed to change when I could no longer fit into my clothes anymore. I refused to buy a size 16 and knew it was time for me to get my butt into gear. 

How did you approach the 12 weeks?

I had success on the program in 2017 so knew I loved the programs flexibility and the app for guidance and accountability. I decided to approach this with 100% effort and dedication. Following the meal plan and getting my steps in. Changing my mindset from an ‘all or nothing attitude’ to a ‘show up as the best version of me’, really helped. When I would slip, I would recognise what happened and why, and not beat myself up. I knew my triggers and non-negotiables (I just could not have lollies or chips in the house!)

Did you have a goal in mind?

I wanted to feel like myself and be happy instead of the slug (as I saw it) standing before me in the mirror.

What were your biggest hurdles?

I’m 27 and quite a social creature so the nights out filled with alcohol were my biggest struggle. I didn’t have a drop of alcohol for the first 6 weeks but slowly introduced 1-2 (Low carb) beers a week, as the program allowed me to be flexible.

What made you decide to track your progress using an item of clothing?

I had bought this dress on a holiday in America and I used to fit into it! But since I bought it, I had gained 15kg+. I knew I could fit back into it. I visualised it and worked to make it happen. 


How are you planning on keeping momentum going in the future?

Sticking to my newly created routines/habits is how I am going to keep succeeding. I am already in the routine of waking up at 5:30am now to go for a walk, so I will keep persevering with that. I was already enjoying saving money from buying groceries and making lunches instead of eating out, so that’s a big contributor as well. I’m just going to keep moving forward. 

How did you feel at the beginning, compared to now?

At the beginning it was hard. There was a bit of sugar detox involved for me, so I had headaches and I felt quite lethargic. Now I have more energy and feel better in my body. I feel confident, I feel happy. I lost 10kgs and I honestly feel like me again. It’s so rewarding. 

Do you have any secrets or hacks you felt helped you on your journey?

Good question! Plan, plan, plan. Write a shopping list, do your meal prep. Have healthy snacks available. This was the biggest one for me, as snacking is where I found all those hidden calories were. Also, remember to treat yourself and not beat yourself up about it. You are human. You will not fall off the wheel from one beer. You pick yourself back up again and continue to work hard towards your goals. Also, insider tip: banana paddle pops are low in calories and a delicious treat (tastes naughty but only 77 calories). I think the Aldi version is even cheaper and lower in calories!

What has this program taught you most?

That it’s not all or nothing. That it’s a lifestyle and that habits are hard to break. But if you can change or create new ones, you are a step in the right direction. Also, you are not alone. There is a whole community of people in the 12WBT group who are going through similar experiences to you. Who will listen when you need it and are there to lift you up when you fall. Rely on your support network, you are not alone. 

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To start your own 12WBT journey (or to revisit the program to revitalise your healthy habits) visit our website – our next Round starts soon!
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